Hiking Snowdon for India COVID Relief

Hiking Snowdon for emergency Covid-19 relief work in India

Hiking Snowdon for India COVID Relief
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I'm raising money for emergency relief in India due to the COVID plague. People are needlessly dying without hospital treatment, or oxygen. Others are desperately short of food due to illness in the family, or the loss of jobs. The death toll is rising every day, and is not going to get better for weeks, of not longer. If we all do a little, then collectively this is a lot, and your money will help fund vital emergency oxygen and food.

Who are you?

I'm Martin, and I work in the Law School at De Montfort University, Leicester UK. I'm hiking Snowdon, very close to where one of my Gran's is from. 

MY story

India is my second home, and I've many friends and work colleagues who have got or had the COVID plague. Some have relatives who have died, often without the medical care or even basic oxygen, which we take for granted in the UK.  The first hand stories show horrific conditions, and these are set to get worse and the death rate mounts each day. Please support me in my efforts, and your money will probably help save people's lives.  

Where will the money go?

De Montfort University is raising money with multiple events for Indian plague relief. All of the money will go to Manav Sadhna, a charity in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat. This is a city and state that has been hit very hard by the plague.  The money will go to their Project Karuna Phase 3. (Karuna means compassion in Hindi.)

 Manav Sadhna repurposed their activities to set up Project Karuna specifically to offer relief work during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Needs and relief efforts will continue to evolve according to the situation. At present Phase 3 of Project Karuna will help to serve those in the following ways:

• Distribute grocery kits to the vulnerable and marginalized especially daily wage workers (ragpickers, vegetable vendors, rikshaw drivers etc) who struggle to feed their families as a result of loss of income. The grocery kits include 2kg rice and 1kg lentils.

• Promote awareness and education in under-resourced communities about COVID safety, treatment and vaccinations.

• Purchase and Supply Oxygen Concentrators (10 machines).

• Provide medical home care kits.

• Home-based Covid Care including consultation, medication, medical equipment, moral support and follow-up by trained staff under professional medical care supervision.

Find the main De Montfort University fundraising page  here: https://dmu.hubbub.net/p/ManavSadhnaCovid/

I'll keep my LinkedIn for this project updated at: linkedin.com/in/martin-morgan-taylor-332b6817  

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