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How to Choose a University - eBook
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A short summary of my project

 I'm raising £500 to fund a campaign for my eBook, 'How to Choose a University'. This book has been designed to assist 17 & 18 year-olds with choosing a university to attend.

Who are you?

Hi! My name's Louis. I'm 21, and I'm a 3rd-year law student at the University of Bristol. I love blogging, and I've also recently developed a love for writing. This eBook is the first product of that.

My Story

In 2012, I began my law degree at the University of Bristol. During my 3 years at university, I had a blast. I met some amazing people that will remain life-long friends. I came to understand more about myself and what I wanted out of life. I learnt how to become more responsible and self-sufficient. I was able to leave university with memories that I can cherish forever. Oh, and I left university with a degree too. You know, that thing.

However, whilst Bristol provided me with a fantastic 3 years, in hindsight there was definitely more that I could have done to learn about Bristol both as a university and a place to live. Many aspects of it came as a shock to me because of this. For instance, I wasn’t aware of just how expensive some of the areas of Bristol were to rent a house in, and was often bemused as to how one city could have so many coffee shops. Seriously, it’s insane!

Part of the problem with choosing a university for me though, was that I had nobody around with me with a first-hand experience of it to seek guidance or advice from. I was the first person in my immediate family to attend university, and my hometown of Cwmbran in South Wales is hardly a graduate-magnet either. And when you’re really clueless about a process, as I was with university, you don’t even  know what you don’t know. There were many aspects to university that had never even crossed my mind until I was actually there.

What really would have helped me, and what I believe would’ve helped many other people like me, is a book written by somebody fresh out of university to provide all of the insights and advice that they would have accumulated over the course of those years, consolidated into one easy-to-read and accessible book. So, voilà! I have taken it upon myself to muster up every last bit of knowledge that I’ve gathered over the last three years, to produce a book that will hopefully answer all of the questions and concerns that that any  prospective fresher could possibly have when choosing a university to attend.

This book is really important to me, because I want to help others who will be in the same shoes that I was once in. I want them to have access to a simple and straightforward guide to assist them in choosing a university. By supporting me, you're helping me to help these students. You're also doing me a massive favour of which I would be incredibly appreciative, because having the funding for this campaign allows me to actually afford the process of creating and selling an eBook. It also gives me half a chance of it actually being seen by other people.

Where will the money go?

There are several aspects to the campaign. These include:

  •  The editing and proofreading of the book.
  •  The digital formatting of the book (to be compatible with Kindle, etc.)
  •  A professional Marketing and Publicity Campaign
  •  A Facebook advertising campaign.

Hitting the £500 target will allow me to carry out every aspect of the campaign. However, every little helps. Even if I am unable to achieve the target, even if I am only able to raise £50, that would still be of tremendous use, and I would be incredibly grateful.

If things really take off, and I exceed my target, that enables me to put an even greater effort into publicising and marketing the eBook.


I believe that I have some great rewards to offer. A £10 donation will entitle you to a free copy of the eBook upon its release. Anybody who wishes to donate £30 or more will also have their name featured on the "dedicated to" page of the book. A donation of £40 or more will entitle you to all of the above, along with a public "thank you" on my Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. (Of which I have 5000+ followers) Any shout-out for a charity or suitable cause of your choosing could be arranged, too.

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Every little counts. I'd be incredibly grateful even for a £1 donation. I appreciate that you would be giving hard-earned money to a total stranger. I would never lose sight of that.

If you're unable to provide a donation yourself, you could still do me a wonderful favour by please spreading the word. Everyone knows somebody who will be heading to university in the next year or two. This would be a perfect book for them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Whether you donate or not, have a great day.