Bringing back the 70s & 80s

Introducing the joys of Star Wars, the Lost Boys and Pass The Dutchie to these hubbub kids

Bringing back the 70s & 80s
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This project received pledges on Wed 12 Mar 2014


The Project

- I recently found out that my apparently pop culture aware crew had completely missed out on some timeless classics of my youth. Shocking!

- It's time to shake things up here and make sure knowledge isn't entirely lost! We're gonna play some Run DMC, Pass the dutchie to the left hand side, dream about Lost Boys and make sure that no one - ever - goes through life without having seen Star Wars of the Goonies.



I'm keeping it small as I already have some of key ingredients required. Star Wars DVD set? Check. Goonies? Check. I'm missing out on some of the key tracks that I'll need to buy (yes - doing this the legal way) so that we can crack out some old skool beats.

Should the target be met and (gasp!) exceeded, then those boys will be in for a right royal suprise. Oh yes, we will add Flash Gordon, Live Aid, Donkey Kong and some classic ZX Spectrum games into the mix.


Money Isn't Everything

... but it sure helps ;)  Only joking: I'd love it if you'd tweet and post this on Facebook to help raise some funds.

Or even better: post up some suggestions (in the comments section of this page) of 20th Century zeitgeist fodder that will help these guys become culturally complete.

Thanks for your help - you rock (even more than Meatloaf)