Human Computer Interaction Studies

Your help in covering the cost of books and travel, will make this happen :)

Human Computer Interaction Studies
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Completion Date: Sun 23 Jul 2017

Human Computer Interaction.........huh, what?!

it is an area of study where humans interact with technology but also future technologies are proposed and generated.  Think of what is happening now with speech and voice recognition within banking (HSBC), Amazon's Alex, Google Home and the like of an exciting and rapidly changing field.

I am raising (my minimum) of £2,150 to help assist me with travel, books and additional talks and conferences which are extra and privately run in the evenings to my course.  This amount will cover the period of 6 months of all taught modules, as I have opted to go full time.

With all this kind and generous help from you all, I will be able to spend quality time researching my interest in health, the NHS and how these technologies or even future technologies and how they can be applied or implemented and used across the entire NHS system for all of us.  To be able to take this knowledge from the course and implement it within a health setting, I believe, will be the greatest thing I can achieve, your help would be invaluable in getting me on this journey :)

Who am i?

Hello and thank you for clicking on my page, my name's Leanne, I work within the NHS alongside physios, OTs and SLTs providing neuro rehabilitation in people's own homes.

You can follow me here for life changing* ideas, moments in time, and funny GIFs, videos and quotes ;)


*no claims can be redeem or made from this quote/sentence!

The Money, where's it going to?

So if I meet the minimum of £2,150 the following will happen:

  • Books (all from reading list, some are very specialist ) = £550
  • Travel (6 month monthly travel card zone 1-2, includes possible travel outside of these zones) = £800
  • Be able to attend several one and three day conferences, privately run talks from specialist companies and groups that are held twice a month =£500
  • Emergency fund, in case travel or extra equipment, software or books are needed = £300

If extra funds are received , it will allow me to take time away from work and submit a sabbatical application for the entire 2 terms this course is taught for in full time mode, which roughly equates to 5-6 months :)

Updates will be regular via Twitter, Instagram and my website which will have a blog and be updated weekly, from the time I start my MSc to the time I end, would very much like you to be a part of my journey too.

Rewards, PRIZES, all the fun is here........

  • Most importantly THANK YOU, without this help it would be very hard and a long road, you make it much easier :)
  • There's some great rewards, do check them out (screen print below of my own photography, no matter what you might give :)

Be nosy and see what I'm up to and doing!

Come, follow me,  find out what I'm up to, achieving and doing.  It would be lovely to have you aboard this journey.


leannehagger (will be updated in the next few months)

Instagram - see the visual of what I'm up to starting from Oct 2017!

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Help us succeed!

  • Help promoting this project would be fantastic, any help would be spread the word........Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even your blog :)
  • You don't need to give money to help me succeed, sharing my story and project is support in itself.  Share it with anyone you can think of who would support kindly support me – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even on their blog.
  • In fact, share it with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.

You've done well to read this far, THANK YOU! :)