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I am raising money for my biggest dream to get Dance Performance Bachelor's degree at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. This international institute prepares world-class performers and artists with a class of only 25 people.  

Who AM I?

  • My name is Ieva.
  • I am 19 years old and right now I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • This year is my last school year and I am planning to study dance performance in Spain.
  • I have been dancing for 13 years.

MY story

My first steps on the dance-floor were made in the kindergarten when I was 6 years old. Although I enjoyed dancing, I never thought I will be so passionate about it later.

Since kindergarten I was dancing Sport dances for about 7 years. During that period of my life, I achieved some titles in Lithuania, like, Latin champion of Lithuania, Standard champion of Lithuania and 10 dances champion of Lithuania. After braking up with my partner I did a little break and leading curiosity I started exploring other genres. I loved everything I was trying and to this day I am keen on experimenting more. 

Through all these years I have tried sport dances, ballet, lindy hop, dancehall, contemporary, commercial jazz and authentic jazz. I believe that versatility is the most precious value for performers nowadays. Thus, I have chosen to study at IAB, where students are encouraged to become superior performers. Besides dancing, I will have to sing and act at IAB. Exciting, isn't it? 

 What is more, I would really like to help improve educational system for dancers in my homeland - Lithuania. I feel that there is a lot more space to grow for performers in Lithuania and I believe that education brought by IAB will help me to help others. 

Since my audition was a success the only problem and the biggest struggle is money..

Where will the money go?

Studies at IAB costs: 10000 Euros per year.

Scholarship which I got: 2300 Euros per year.

Total cost for studies per year: 7700 Euros

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I would be really thankful for Your donation. 


In order to say THANK YOU I will do it in unconventional way using my creativity.

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