VR Headsets for Immersive History

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VR Headsets for Immersive History
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This project received pledges on Wed 31 Jan 2018

Key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 236 (whole school)

Age of students: 2-11

Eligible for Free School Meals: 5.6%


At Chiseldon Primary and Nursery School, we are currently in the process of changing our topics to create a more immersive curriculum; we have a particular focus on ensuring History is taught across the curriculum in an interesting and innovative way. We therefore want to raise money to buy Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets for the classes to use in order to view History in a new, exciting way. We are hoping to raise enough money to buy enough VR headsets for a whole class to use - our biggest class being 35 children.

My students

The students at Chiseldon Primary and Nursery school range from ages 2 - 11. Being a small village school, there is a huge sense of community within the school itself, with the children working together as a team not only in class, but also across the whole school. Our School Parliament has been raising money this year for a range of different things: outdoor assembly area, wildlife area and vegetable patches and new sports equipment. They also have looked at raising money for VR headsets but despite their hard work, we have not manage to raise enough. They are determined to see this goal achieved, as they know what an impact it will have on the learning across the school. That's where we need your help!

My project

Our School Parliament have been working hard to create an exciting and engaging learning experience for children across the school, and feel VR Headsets will enable them to do this. It's their project, so I will let them tell you - in their own words! - what effect it will have on the school:

" The VR Headsets will help us to explore places which we would not be able to see now, and give us a more in-depth look at what it would be like to live back in the past. " - Grace, Year 6.

"By having headsets, we will have more of a visual understanding of what we are learning about, and help us have more knowledge about what the past might be like. We can have more of a 'real life, 3D' experience of the topic." - Freddy, Year 6.

"These Virtual Reality Headsets will allow us to explore deeper into what we are learning about, and give us a visual explanation of what the past would be like, rather than just reading books or looking at artefacts." - Grace, Year 5.

"It can help the school, and every class, to learn more about their topics by finding out more facts in a more innovative way." - George, Year 5

We believe it will have a huge impact on our learning by engaging more of our senses. Rather than just being told by the teacher, we can use VR Headsets to inspire our imagination and enhance our learning growth.

Where your donation goes:

6 x iPod touch 32GB Silver @ £194.40 = £1,074


6 x Lightweight VR goggles = £75


6 x Bluetooth controller for VR set @ £7.19 = £43.13


1 x USB Charging Station @ £28.99


Delivery: £6

Total = £1,319.53

Credit Card fees (2%) = £26.39

Grand Total = £1,345.92

Help us reach our target!

Of course, we are so grateful for any donation we receive to help us reach our goal, but if you can't donate, then please share our page so we can reach as many people as possible!

We know how much this will help our learning and are so excited to be fundraising with Rocket Fund.