Three Countries, Three People, Three Prisoners.

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What is 'Incarcerated'

 My name is Al Hodgson, I'm a third year student at the Arts University Bournemouth and I'm the creative director of 'Incarcerated'.

 'Incarcerated' will be an interactive, experiential installation project portraying political imprisonment in China, Iran and Burma, exhibited through the plight and stories of three human rights activists currently imprisoned within these countries.

 It will be an audiovisual representation of their unjust incarceration, demonstrating the context of each through an immersive and interactive experience. Our initial exhibitions will represent imprisoned human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng (China), student activist Tun Oo (Burma), and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran).

 The aim of the project is not only to raise awareness for these prisoners and others like them, but to also encourage audience members to actively involve themselves with the call for their immediate release and for human rights reform in these countries. We plan to achieve this through an elicitation of human understanding amongst audiences towards those incarcerated; emotively involving audience members in the circumstances these people face and the political contexts surrounding them.

Our most recent proposal/treatment document is available for download here.


Why this support is needed:

 As this is a not-for-profit and charity-based piece, funding for materials is hugely helpful in spreading our message about these human rights abuses.

 In order to gurantee the piece's longevity and practicaility, the standalone space's housing will be constructed from a thick (610gsm) canvas tarpaulin made to fit the precise specifications of the frame we have made from recycled metal poles. This water and light-proof canvas housing will fit over our frame (much like a tent cover-sheet), allowing us to exhibit anywhere and anytime providing that there is access to a minimal amount of power. It will also include a velcro entrance doorway and metal eyelets at the bottom for attatchment to the ground.

 This design will allow us to exhibit over and over again as not only does the canvas last decades, it does not require a van for transportation (where using timber would).

 Your support through funding will allow us to have this canvas housing made, in turn allowing us to raise awareness, donation and support of those unjustly imprisoned for years to come.

 Furthermore, everything raised over the cost of the canvas will be divided by three and go directly to the Amnesty International UK campaigns for the freedom of Gao Zhisheng (China) and Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran) and the Burma Campaign UK campaign for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.


Help spread the messege about Incarcerated!

Please click the 'I want to help' button if you're happy to share this pitch and help 'Incarcerated' reach it's target; helping us to raise awareness for these political prisoners.

Want to find out more and keep updated about 'Incarcerated'?

For more project info, exhibition updates and to stay notified of any breaking news regarding these political prisoners, please visit/like our Facebook page here:


Or follow us on Twitter here:








We plan for this to be an ongoing project to be continued over the years, representing different political prisoners and raising awareness of their stories. With your funding and support this longevity is possible. Thank you!


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