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What's our goal?

To assist prospective Indigenous students to complete bridging courses required to enter university. 

"My grandfather always told my parents that education is the key."

Only 40 per cent of Aboriginal students stay at school until year 12, and many leave without adequate qualifications. As a result up to 10 per cent are unemployed after leaving school. []. 

At Curtin, we want to encourage more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to progress to university and improve their future career options. To help make this happen, we run a bridging course each semester to help them transition between school and university study.

However, many students need financial assistance to cover the cost of attending the bridging course and your donation could make all the difference to their lives.

A $10 donation could give a student a stationery pack, while a $25 donation could buy a SmartRider pass to help them with transport costs. A gift of $100 will provide a student with a food or clothing voucher.

To attend a bridging course, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students need to move from regional areas closer to Curtin’s Bentley Campus. A $1,000 gift can provide them with an accommodation pack to cover their up-front accommodation fees, kitchen utensils, linen costs etc. Alternatively, you could donate $500 to buy a laptop for their studies.

If 340 of Curtin’s 190,000+ alumni support this initiative with $60 each, we can raise over $20,000! This could provide all 44 students currently enrolled in the bridging course with these essential necessities.

At the end of the semester, we will bring you stories from the students and a thank you video to personally show their appreciation for your donation.

Please choose from one of our rewards. 

$10 - A small donation could supply a student with a stationary pack.

$25 - Slightly more can provide transportation to help students get to and from the Bentley campus.

$50 - Perhaps give a food voucher to use at the Curtin Guild.

$100 - A larger donation could gift a much-needed clothing voucher.

$500 - Even more can supply necessary technology devices to keep students connected.

$1000 - Help to fund an accommodation start-up pack to cover up-front fees, linen, kitchen utensils, and more.

You can help us in other ways too! 

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Thank you!