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Interior Architecure Graduation Show

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Completion Date: Thu 05 Jun 2014

Our project is to raise money for our graduate design show in Bournemouth and London. This is a way to display our past year of work and promote ourselves into the design industry.

Our graduation show is a huge accomplishment for us and we will be designing and building an exhibition stand to display all of our hard work. Showing our work will help demonstrate our abilities and talents to potential employers.

We want to design something that reflects interior design in an ironic view and play on the idea of what society thinks interior architects do.

The reason we need funding is to help create our beautiful masterpiece for our show and make it as amazing and creative as we possibly can to reflect our talents. We really want to engage the public and show off our skills!

New Designers in London is where we will be creating this exhibition. We have around 4 days to impress and a lot of work and money goes into the building and construction and transportation. Once we design the stand we have to source furniture and materials, currently we are relying on the generosity of fellow course friends connections to the world but unfortunately they cannot provide us with everything.

New Designers is a new experience for our uni also, we have never displayed there before and need to really make an entrance to pave way for those following us in years to come, this show is very important to us as individuals and the course and university too.

Our show starts in Bournemouth at our university (Arts University Bournemouth) and we then have to dismantle it and take it to London!

We would be extremely grateful for any help and if you wish to share our project with anyone please click the 'I want to help' button.

If anyone is interested in seeing how we are getting on or what we are up to, we have a blog;

This is a general course twitter with updates and activities for the whole course.

Thank You!!