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Investment Banking Placement in Zhuhai 2017

Your helping hand is the foundation of making my dream come true. PLEASE HELP.

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This project received pledges on Thu 06 Apr 2017


I am raising £3,100 for a placement opportunity with an American Chinese investment firm in Zhuhai, China. Not everybody gets a chance to work in the world's most advancing, dynamic and largest growing economy, however I have been given the chance to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity which gives me a chance to develop valuable experiences and skills. Working with investment projects and clients is something I am extremely passionate about and is linked with my course.

I am extremely excited to start this placement in Zhuhai.

You are not contributing to just a project, but to a dream.

About me

Passionate, focused and Ambitious

My name is Dilpeche Mahesh and I am a 2nd year BSc Accounting and Finance student. I'm originally from Portugal, and I currently live in London.

The internship program involves:

  • Identifying new business opportunities to help expand the business overseas.
  • Support the internationally trained team with on-going projects.
  • Attend business meetings to help maintain client relationships and stewardship.
  • Developing and applying statistical models to fiscal and investment data.
  • Researching past trends and conducting market research about current projects in order to build        predictions.
  • Active involvement in Business Development including client visits and presentations.
  • Project Management.
  • Identifying Chinese market demands.
  • Financial short- and long-term forecasting.

The project

The bank aims to invest in a diverse number of foreign projects in different sectors; for example they have invested in the U.S migration project, and overall they have invested $600 million on projects around the globe.

My role at the bank would be to workout the profitability and the potential growth of investments in the future. I will be involved in analysing and projecting information that could affect the economy (GDP) and most importantly working with current clients and projects that have costly investment within the Chinese derivative market.

My mindset towards successes of any firm is that, we only win if our clients win. And this is something I want to bring to the company culture.  Demand for investment bankers is sky rocketing as the industry is driven by advances in technology. Being a 'young' and 'technologically advanced' student, I would want my knowledge and skills to be applied within the industry so that we can find the most efficient way to make profitable investments.

I have been officially accepted to do the placement with the firm, but I would not be able to go China without crowdfunding and that would be extremely heart-breaking as I have worked enormously hard to acquire this opportunity.

By donating to this project, you are definitely part of my success journey and I will be extremely grateful.

cost breakdown

Spending areas:

If the maximum funding target of £3,100 is raised, then the money will fully pay the programme fees, accommodation, deposit, travel tickets and visas

Costs breakdown:

If the minimum target is raised:

£ £2100 - Program fees (includes accommodation and facilities)

If the ideal target is raised:

£ 650 - Flights, visa and insurance

£ 350 - Deposit


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Help me succeed

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However, if you do decide to donate, please know I will be extremely thankful and value your assistance.

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