An italian's girl dream - being an Audiologist

A little contribution for a big dream.

An italian's girl dream - being an Audiologist
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Completion Date: Wed 28 Feb 2018

Hearing is a powerful sense. Sounds can scare people, move them, or even make them fall in love.

In my life I have never taken my hearing for granted. As a child, I discovered how important it is to hear what’s surrounding you, to understand what people say to you, mostly because my father used to work with hearing impaired people, that sometimes were completely deaf.

I admired how they thanked him for helping them and I promised I would do the same.

Wanting to help people as much as I can lead me to do voluntary work during high school in my home town. Now as an Audiologist I would still be able to help people improve their life with my work and my passion.

My love for Audiology has only been strengthened during my Bachelor’s Degree studies, which I recently concluded with a First Class Honours Degree.

Getting a MSc in Audiology in the UK would give me the chance to train in one of the most advanced countries in the Audiology sector.

Unfortunately, my family isn't able to afford the tuition fees, since my father is very ill and the medication he has to take are very expensive.

This project would give me and my family a big help to support my MSc studies at Manchester University.

Your contribution will help me in my mission, but it's also worth a very SPECIAL REWARD!

I'm an autodidact musician and in my spare time I like to compose music and make music videos. If you'll pledge, I will send you a music video of your favourite song played and recorded by me.

What are you waiting for?  :)


Where will the money go?

Reaching the target would allow me to pay fully the tuition fee, without having any debts with the Government or with some bank.

Also, any additional money I'll be able to raise thanks to this project will be used ONLY for living costs during my study period in the UK (rent, bills, food).


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