From Cambridge to Sheffield to Vancouver!

A Master's Degree In Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.

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Completion Date: Mon 15 Aug 2016


Hello! I'm Jade Pollard-crowe, an artist, activist and aspiring academic. Originally I'm from Cambridge however I spread my wings and moved up to Sheffield for University. I graduated in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam in 2014 gaining a B.A Hons degree and exactly 1 month and 4 days ago found out I have been accepted to read a Masters degree in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver! Commencing This September. An exciting and life changing opportunity. This course brings together the concepts and theories that underpin my art practice and will allow me to greatly further my research interests. 

I am extremely grateful to The University of British Columbia however unfortunately they were only able to offer me a scholarship of 3000 Canadian Dollars - this translates to 1,576 British pounds and 88 pence to be exact. Here is a yearly cost break down using the University's lowest estimates as ofcourse will be living modestly: 

  • Yearly Tuition - 8,270 Canadian Dollars (4,347 British Pounds)
  • Student Fees - $857 (£450)  
  • Cost of living - $13,437 (£7,064)

So in total once you subtract the $3000 scholarship I need $19,564 which is £10,285. This also includes the cost of health insurance. 

I have exhausted grants and bursary databases and am tirelessly continuing to write funding applications to trusts, should I have any progress with this, I shall post straight to my updates page but I've had no luck so far. 

Ultimately my future career goals are to go on to do a Ph.D. which I would love to complete within the same faculty and then go on to become a lecturer.

About Me - And Why This Degree? 

I am political by nature and have always taken a particular interest in humanitarian issues and social equality. I became vegetarian through my own choice at the age of just 7 - I think such an environmentally conscious decision was definitely representative of my future!                                  

In my first year of my B.A, my first self lead project 'Hurricane Katrina - Five Years On' focussed on the aftermath five years post the disaster and sought to shed light on the predominantly African American residents living in a neighbourhood that closely resembled the images spread across the world when the disaster first hit. Comparatively I researched the residents whose homes were rebuilt or had been able to move. Through the research I underwent to enable me to depict the reality from an educated and knowledgeable position, I discovered the links between contemporary housing inequalities and Jim Crows laws which were accountable for why many of the African American families had been unable to move from the hurricane affected Ninth Ward area.

Although my outrage was aroused, I was unsurprised for race equality has always been paramount in regards to my concerns and how the past can still affect our future. I feel it is important and honest to share with you that my work and interests stem from my experience of being part of marginalized communities that have historically been oppressed and under represented.

Alongside these concerns, I had the desire to allow my personal relationship to queer and gender-queer to manifest into a work. There was a somewhat artificial division that lay in my mind. What this problematized was society's notion that race, sexuality and gender are separate 'issues' and I questioned why I was contemplating a completely new and separate body of work and research to carry out. Rather I wanted to contemplate when, race, gender and sexuality come together harmoniously to form an enigmatic mass of characteristics and how they interplay, breaking stereotypes and arousing new concerns. From this realisation, a whole string of readings ensued from theoretical books to, to academic papers, to interviews to news articles. I began to create a series of personae in my works that encompassed all of my concerns and extended to issues of sex and representation of black female dancers. I also became involved in exhibitions that examined queer in relation to religion.See here. 

All of this has lead to my unquestioning belief in why I need to do my Masters in The University of British Columbia's Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice program.

Why Do I Need Your Support?

Upon graduating, I spent a year and seven months working 39 hours a week in a supermarket. This paid for my rent, council tax, utility bills and food. Unfortunately due to those outgoings the ratio of money going out to money able to be saved was extremely disproportionate. I worked so hard during that time to continue with my creative output. I soldiered on with my practice! I was a participant of Duckie's Summer School, Diva Magazines featured artist in their January 2015 issue you can read the interview here. I was a participant in Compass Live Art Festival in Leeds with my audience participatory piece 'Because My Vogue Is Your Vogue.' I was a participant in a Live Art Development Agency project which examined how to communicate sex and sexuality with children at The National Theatre Studio and my most recent exhibition saw one of my digital works projected in the group exhibition 'More Issues Then Vogue' at Parse Gallery New Orleans. 

All of this whilst working full time was often challenging however I live life to the full and I embrace it. Due to not making enough money to create savings, I have moved back home with my mum. Although I have intensely applied for so many jobs you would not believe, I have just received one generic rejection email after another. I even sat down with a helpful careers advisor from my previous Uni but still unfortunately have had no luck. 

My Passions And Activist Intentions Have Only Continued To Grow And Now There Is This Amazing Possibility To Enter An Environment Where My Concerns Can Be Nurtured, Extended And Expanded. Through This Advancement Of My Scholarly Interests, I Have A Dream Of Becoming An Academic Whose Unique Personal Experiences Will Allow Me To Give Back Through Lectures, Publications, Collaborations Art Art Exhibits.

Rewards For Donations 

As a sign of just how grateful I am, to allow you to see the benefits of how your money is being spent and to share potentially helpful and definitely interesting academic material I am going to create a blog which all sponsor's will have access to. I will post regular updates which will also be accompanied by a photographic journal as I love photography so thought that would be a lovely addition to share with you. 

If we are able to reach £10,000 as well as the blog, sponsors will have access to a performance video which will encompass vogueing, lip syncing and will be performed to and in relation to music chosen my my sponsor's. If music choice is varied, more than one video may even be created!

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am by the prospect of doing this M.A. Everything I have tried so hard for has paid off by offering me a truly once in a life time academic pursuit. If enough people are able to give a little something I may actually be able to take this opportunity. Every donation no matter what the amount will be unbelievably appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for anything you feel able to contribute. Hear me when I say my gratitude will follow you into the future. 

Please also share this with anyone you think may support me, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Via email - or let's not forget in person! Perhaps you have your own blog you could possibly share this on? Thank you if so.

A few places you can find me                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My Work The Sheffield Hallam Archive  

Again Thank you For All Sponsorships 

                                                               Jade Pollard-Crowe