Crowdfunding to support my PhD Research_

Performance Art & Critical Practice_

Crowdfunding to support my PhD Research_
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This project received pledges on Tue 20 Aug 2019

I got accepted for an introductory course for my PhD starting in September 2019 at the Royal College of Art. This news really means a lot to me -  a broadening and refinement of my knowledge and skills in the aesthetic field and expansion of my artistic/performance practice.



I am a practising multidisciplinary artist, working with performance art, painting, installation and music. Having attended master studies at the University of Arts Hbk Saar and the Royal College of Art, I am starting an introductory course for my PhD in September 2019.

My studies have led me into the investigation of aesthetics, criticism and contemporary philosophy. Ideas about time and space, sense data and its duration and composition, as well as the distinction between nature and the unnatural, stimulated many experiments within his work. I investigate what statements and actions engage with the ‘now’. Such is achieved through an intellectual assessment of nature, which is influenced by collective anxieties and concerns. As a practising musician, I incorporate sound as an experimental media in his installations and performances.


Funding this project on my own is a truly Sisyphean task. I have received a loan which partly covers my tuition and applied for John Blundell Studentship for which results I am still waiting. Sadly, even if successful, those funds combined would not cover my entire tuition fee and the most basic living conditions. I would still miss £6000 to cover my expenses entirely after accounting for casual work 20 hours a week throughout my studies at a rate of £9. I am reluctantly appealing for the help of my friend and general goodwill as I wouldn’t do so if I could realistically achieve this goal on my own. I would be so thankful for anything you are able to contribute. I am determined not to let the barrier of tuition fees and living cost in London to stand in my way.



Link to documentation of my own work:


I am also actively involved in two art collectives:

disORDER Live Art Collective

Hellwighaus der Künste


For those who contribute, I am offering a variety of rewards based on the amount donated. Those involve my paintings, sketches, EP releases and admission to future performance or concert. Thank you so much for all the help offered. I am eternally grateful.

Jakob Buraczewski