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Student Missions at Southern Adventist University
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Hello friends and family,

I'm going to the Philippines as a Medical Assistant Missionary. In this position, I will gain hands-on experience in medical work while serving others. Through this adventure and close interactions with locals, I pray that I can be a good example and a witness for Christ. My name is Jillian Cheever and I am a senior at Southern Adventist University. Currently, I am working towards a degree in Health Science. My goal is to become a Physician’s Assistant.

Since my freshman year at Southern, I have had a desire to become a student missionary. The Student Missions program would often put on vespers and talk about their experiences. Each year, I would tell myself "I will do it next year." Amazingly, my senior year is here and I realized how time flies and that I had not yet followed through with my desire. It was then that I officially decided to submit my information and pursue what I had been telling myself to do for years. I truly believe that God was calling me to make this stand for Him. I know that He calls each one of us to dedicate our lives to Him in different ways. For some, He finds us best helpful near home, and for others He calls us to go out a little further than our comfort zone. Even though I put off following His lead for several years, I found myself coming back to the same conclusion that He wants me to be a missionary. Through this experience, I hope to bless the local people of the Philippines. However, I know that God will bless me as well. By being a supporter and donating, you can help make this happen! Your money will make it possible for me to be a witness in the Philippines and to aid in Christ's overall plan for my life.

All Southern Adventist University student missionaries are expected to help raise funds to support the Student Missions program. I need your support to help me and other student missionaries serve around the world. Would you please consider supporting the Student Mission program at Southern and helping me reach my goal of $4,500?

I hope to start a blog updating how the work is going and how your contribution has helped made all of it possible. Through this blog, I will share stories, experiences, and knowledge that I have learned over this time. I want to thank those of you who have or plan to fund this cause. To those of you who are not able to financially support me, you can still support me and my fellow missionaries with your prayers and by sharing this page!

Much love,

Jillian Cheever

Ps. As a thank you for funding my trip, I will be happy to give you a shout out on social media, a handwritten postcard from the Philippines (or letter if I cannot find any), and/or a small trinket as a memento from the Philippines.

To learn more about my experience as a missionary, you can follow me on both Instagram and Facebook at Jillian Cheever (jilliancheever). The link to my blog can be found on these two sites.  Please share this project with anyone you think would support me – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, by email, blog, or other social outlets. I would greatly appreciate any amount that you could support me with!

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