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Jocelin: SMs at Southern
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This summer I've been privileged to be able to serve as an SM for five months! I plan to leave at the end of July and return end of December. For confidentiality purposes, I will not be disclosing much about where I am going. However, I will be doing a little bit of everything - serving at a school, but more like an orphanage because it is basically home for most of the children. I will be a teacher for the students and a nurse as well. The nearest hospital is about two hours away so anything that we can do to help the local villagers I will be doing too. Currently, they are working on trying to get a clinic going. I will also be a mentor for the children and allowing Jesus to use me to show them a glimpse of who he is and what he has done in my life.

Every year over 60 students are sent out from Southern. As a group, we are collectively raising the funds to cover many of our needs including airfare, visas, insurance, training, and care packages. I have personally agreed to be responsible for raising $3,350 towards those needs. I can't do it alone, however, anything you are willing or able to give towards the 2018-19 class of SMs is greatly appreciated by not just myself but also those we plan to serve.


My name is Jocelin Morales and I graduated this past December with my Associates Degree in Nursing. I am currently working on my bachelors degree and have already completed half of it. I will be taking a pause from this and going to serve abroad, afterwards returning to complete my Bachelors in Nursing. I am a first generation college graduate as well as a first generation Adventist who loves the Lord above anything else. He has been ever present in my life and never gets tired of pursuing me. Since high school, God began calling me to take huge steps of faith and here I am today, once more, taking a huge leap of faith in his direction.

MY story

I was not born into the Seventh Day-Adventist faith. I did however, grow up knowing that God existed, but never knew him personally. He was always just a higher being, who was harsh and who spent his time looking down at me to see when I would make a mistake. A God who was only approached on special occasions or when in desperate need. In fifth grade my parents were in need of a babysitter for my sister and I on Saturdays. One of my cousins offered to be this babysitter with the condition that she take us to church (since that's what they would do on Saturdays). My parents agreed and my older sister and I began to attend. I absolutely fell in love with Sabbath school as a child. I had never experienced something like this before. I made friends and an interest for who Jesus was arose. My father never was for the idea of becoming Adventist and would get upset whenever it did come up, but we tried to attend as much as possible, hoping that we would be babysat that sabbath!

On one particular Saturday there were baptisms happening and my mine and my older sister's heart ached to give our lives to Jesus. We knew our Father would never approve so we decided to follow God despite it. That same day we got baptized and with fear we waited for our father to get home from work to give him the news. As we sat nervously on the couch, he walked in and we told him everything. At that moment I realized that God is a faithful God. He is always working on our behalf. This event led my dad's heart to be softened and sparked his interest in why we liked it so much. "What's so good about this church?" After denying bible studies one time after another, he finally accepted to learn about Jesus and a couple years later he and my mother also got baptized. God uses children, they too, are witnesses!

In the years 2013 and 2014 I can truly say that I got to know Jesus personally and for myself. God was no longer the God from the bible, but mine. I did literature evangelism through the Youth Rush program in Central California. This is where I went door to door selling christian books. After that experience, I begged my parents to allow me to attend Adventist Academy and no longer assist public school. I was hungry for Jesus, completely sold out. All my funds went towards making this happen. I attended Monterey Bay Academy my senior year of high school and from there headed towards Southern Adventist University where I completed the SALT (Soul Winning and Leadership Training) program and became a certified bible worker. After this semester long program I began my nursing career. I went to Brazil and did medical clinics along the amazon river and went to Africa for 3 weeks to do an evangelistic series. Since young, God has called me to stand out, to stand alone. Over the years he has instilled in me a passion for service and I feel absolutely honored to be called once more.

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