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Completion Date: Wed 14 Nov 2018

In December 2018 I will be going to Ahmedabad, India as part of DMU's Award winning Square Mile India programme.

I will be volunteering alongside the local charity Manav Sadhna at Gandhi Ashram, the Loving Community and a number of other community centres, working with the community there alongside other DMU alumni and students to support in improving the lives of the residents in many ways. 

DMU Square Mile, which supports some of the poorest communities in Gujarat, have done groundbreaking work in Ahmedabad where it initially supported 120 children in the Gandhi Ashram providing them with food, shelter and medical supplies. The project has now expanded to support a number of other community centres in the area.

The project, which was recently named International Strategy of the Year in the 2018 Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards, have set up educational facilities, improved sanitation systems and employment prospects and your funds will go directly towards doing more of this! We have worked with shunned communities including former leprosy sufferers, set up educational schemes including English, drama and dance classes and helped in creating shelter, all with the aim improving the lives and living conditions of the local community.

I am crowdfunding £500, which will go directly towards the project. Your funds will be used by DMU Square Mile on a range of projects in Ahmedabad including school provisions, medicinal needs, hearing screenings and shelter. 

If you can spare a pound or more, please consider donating to this worthy cause. In return, I am offering gratitude, gifts from India and culinary services. 

If you cannot donate, please do share my page! Any questions - you know how to contact me.

NOTE: The way this crowdfunding project works is that if the target is not met, your funds will be returned to you.