Changing Lives through Beekeeping

...putting smiles on the faces on the disadvantaged.

Changing Lives through Beekeeping
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Completion Date: Sat 30 Jul 2016

Changing Lives Through Beekeeping

Jorafarm and Associates is raising £1300 to deliver training in beekeeping for youths and women in the rural community of Akiriboto-Oke, Osun State in Nigeria.

Jorafarm Beekeepers

We are a team of 6 beekeepers from different backgrounds. Our aim is to give back to the society by training the disadvantaged and less privileged in rural communities.

Our Goal

The project seeks to address the growing rate of unemployment among youths and increasing poverty of rural women farmers in Nigeria. Most youths prefer to settle for white collar jobs rather than work in agriculture. Agriculture is usually seen as something that poor and rural people do.

Beekeeping if done in the right way can transform the lives of the rural population. We decided to embark on a project of creating a beekeeping centre in order to get it closer to the target population. In addition, we will be using a lot of local materials which are easy to source for people in the rural area. The goal is to train the local community in modern beekeeping and value addition.

What the money will be used for

    The money will be used to get some of the necessary tools needed to train at least 10people at a time.  We working with the community to secure a land as part of the community commitment.We will give monthly updates of our progress.

    • Hives 25 sets:£647.21
    • Bee suits 15 sets :£ 258.88
    • Smokers 10 in pieces:£75.93
    • Rain boots 10 pieces: £62.13
    • Hive tools 10 pieces:£75.93
    • Pressers 2 set :£172.58
    • Note that all numbers and items above are completely made up!


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