Connecting busy people to a healthy lifestyle.

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Completion Date: Sun 03 Sep 2017


Justcook. enables young busy people to connect with a healthy lifestyle. Justcook. aims to provide quick, simple and cheap recipes, that can easily be cooked after a busy working day and a healthy alternative to other shortcuts. By cooking themselves, users will be able to lead an independent lifestyle that fits the life they want to live.

By using Justcook. services, customers will save time on deciding what to cook, grocery shopping and cooking itself. The recipes are based on local ingredients that are locally sourced and that everyone has at home. They will rely on staple ingredients that can be combined in different ways to create delicious, healthy meals. An integrated filter for different cuisines will help customers to adjust recipes to their taste and provide a wide choice of global recipes. We want users to be able to create wonderful meals with whatever they find in their fridge, reducing food waste and connecting to a sustainable diet.

The service will be available through various online media. A multifunctional website and an integrated app will enable customers to access all content as well as a shared community platform. Through this platform, members can exchange comments, recipes and contact people facing the same issues. The interactive app enables customers to get quick access to all functions, and offers additional functionalities such as recipe matcher, which allows users to match a meal to the ingredients they already have.

The app will be free to download. For in app use, a premium tier will be offered. The basic, free membership will be open to everyone and include access to all recipes and members’ comments. For a paid membership, costing to £2 per month members will have additional access to the recipe matcher function, full community sharing functionality and early access to the latest recipes.

Help yourself and help your environment.


Why are you passionate about a simple, healthy lifestyle?

  • As young professionals, we know how annoying it can be to not eat well at work or to get home late and not want to cook. Connecting to a healthy lifestyle is essential for us to lead the life we want. Justcook. is the service we were looking for to solve our problem, and we are passionate about sharing our solution with people in a fast-moving world.

When do you expect to launch?

  • We plan to launch the business 6 months after we finish our crowdfunding campaign.

There are so many apps about recipes, how is your app different from the others?

  • Our service is not only aimed at providing recipes, but at enabling you to connect to a healthy lifestyle by cooking the food you want to eat. It gives you the opportunity to live an independent, healthy lifestyle with minimum effort.

How does community sharing work on this platform?

  • The community sharing functionality of our service enables members to get in contact with people facing the same problems. It provides a platform to share recipes and make existing recipes even better.

How will my donation/investment be used?

  • Your donation will help us launch our business and you will receive a reward in return. These are tiered from free memberships to recipe books, or lifetime subscriptions.