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12 rowers, 3 boats, 1 supermoon ... Raising money for Village Water and CLZ

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This project received pledges on Mon 15 Sep 2014

Hello and thanks for clicking on our profile! We really need your help to achieve our goal... We are aiming to raise £10000 to support two amazing charities; Village Water and Conservation of Lower Zambezi. We are doing this by rowing 500km down the Zambezi river in Zambia! More info below... read if you dare!


The Moon Row starts at Devils Gorge on the Zambezi River in Zambia and ends, 500km away, at the border with Mozambique. The Moon Row is an arduous rowing event across the world’s largest man made lake, Lake Kariba, and along one of the most beautiful and wild game reserves: The Lower Zambezi. 

Lake Kariba is up to 250 km long and 40km wide, and contains crocodiles and hippos with weather conditions on the lake reminiscent of the sea. The Moon Row will involve a team of 12 rowers from the UK and Zambia, rowing in three triple sculling boats. As they cross Lake Kariba, they will be rowing in 90 minute shifts through the day and night, when they will be lit by a "Supermoon". After the team completes the crossing of the lake; they will then row a further 250km along the Lower Zambezi. Support on Lake Kariba is being provided by Lake Kariba Inns and Kariba Bush Club. 

We are proud to have Andrew Triggs Hodge, a double Olympic Champion, as our patron and are honored by the kind words he has spoken of us!

“The team carry on their shoulders the weight of an adventure, to inspire and captivate others to follow. But the greater weight is their own expectation of the difference they can make. Making one’s own life better is a challenge, but helping make other lives better is the highest accomplishment. Each and every member is sacrificing something to make the project happen, following their passions."

We are supporting two charities: Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is leading the anti poaching, conservation and educational activities in the Lower Zambezi. For the past 9 years they have fought poachers and smugglers from further decreasing the now alarming numbers of elephants and other endagered animals in Zambia.

We are also supporting the activities of Village Water (VW), who are providing fresh water as well as health and education advice to remote villages. For the past 10 years they have enabled over 170,000 people gain access to clean water, enabling villagers to obtain a brighter future.

Donate to Village Water through the Moon Row today and the UK government will match all donations from UK individuals £1 for £1, enabling Village Water to change twice as many lives through safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

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Thank you for helping us.... and our charities! With £50 you have just provided food for a poaching patrol in the Zambezi Park for a week! Think how many saved hippos and elephants that makes... pretty cool huh? As a special thank you... you will be receiving not one, or two but three Moon Row t-shirts! For yourself in different colours or for your family and friends! Post a picture of you in your t-shirts and you could be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Your name will also appear on our website as part of our official sponsor list.

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Wow! Thank you so much for donating... with £100 so much can be done! You've just, single-handedly, funded for a whole community in Zambia to be taught safe water practices! When this is done, it has shown to reduce diarrhoea on average by 90%!! To thank you we will be adding your name to our official sponsor list as well as a signed professional picture from our talented photographer Hamish Roots! www.lightoverwater.co.uk

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You have reached the Silver Sponsorship Level! Zambia’s elephant population fell from 35,000 in the 1970s to only 6000 in the 1990s... With your donation, CLZ will be able to rescue many animals from poachers! In order to thank you, we will give you the opportunity to name one of the newborn elephants in the coming year! Your money has helped save his life and we can only show how much that matters by giving you updates! You will receive a report, with pictures, of the new baby elephant and how CLZ has helped him and his family. You will be able to choose a reward from the choices above, and be featured on our website!

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Thank you thank you thank you! With your donation, Village Water will be able to fund parts of the installation and maintenance of an entire new well! This will provide clean water and sanitation for an entire village of about 200 people! Allowing children, especially young girls, to have more time to attend school and think of a brighter future! The villagers will be trained in safe water practises in order to almost eradicate diseases such as diarrhoea! As a Gold Sponsorship Level Member, you will be offered the exclusive opportunity to have your name on the new Moon Well you helped fund! It can be after the name of a company or a family. You will receive annual updates on the village and the construction of the well as well as pictures and stories from the villagers you have helped! You will also be invited to our celebratory drinks with the whole crew and you will receive a huge goodie bag full of rewards! Your name will appear on all our social media platforms, on our website and in the movie.

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