KEISIE Student Scholarship Fund

Provide a sponsored scholarship for a relative, a friend, or just someone you want to help

KEISIE Student Scholarship Fund
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Completion Date: Mon 01 Feb 2016

How the Scholarship Fund Works

Think of a friend, relative, or associate that you want to help with their education
Make a donation to help defray the costs of their educational training at KEISIE in the amount of $100 - $500
Let the person know you have begun the process for them to complete their degree training through KEISIE
Take pride in the fact you are personally helping someone you know fulfill their academic and career goals
Receive your 'perk' based on the amount you donate on behalf of the person you are sponsoring


All money donated as a scholarship will go directly to the person you designate. They will only be responsible for the portion of the student tuition and fees you do not help them out with.

KEISIE International School of Education and Theology has a strong interest in providing the highest quality educational offerings to all of its students. Since 2007 when the School began the goal has been to keep tuition and overall costs of education down so that ANYONE could receive a University level education.

KEISIE has operated as a Graduate School up until this time, but beginning in January, 2016 the School will begin offering four additional degree programs at the Bachelor of Arts level. Currently the total cost for the Master degree programs is only $3,000 US, and $4,000 for Doctoral level programs. This cost is inclusive of student fees, tuition, and online access to the web-portal. When the Bachelor programs begin they will be $5,000.

What KEISIE would like to do is offer sponsored scholarships for students who receive their scholarship from donors to the Graduate School. Any of the monies donated for scholarships will be applied to the cost of the educational options students select when they enroll at KEISIE.  Scholarships are limited to 150, and every six months new scholarships are available. This is KEISIE's way of continuing to offer high quality academic programs  at a considerable savings to our educational community.

If you know someone who has always wanted to go back to school to complete their bachelor, master or doctoral degree program, we encourage you to consider sponsoring someone with a scholarship. Their is never a better time than the present to help someone improve their future.