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After oil, the 2nd biggest culprit to our world's problems is Fashion! How can it be so bad when it feels so good?! Especially when fashion is an important part of our identity, expression, and is growing in demand to billions every year.

The problem is the impact of our dollars are misdirected towards those who abuse the fashion industry and put our entire world systems at risk.

People - 50% of clothing is made on sweat labor.

Planet - Fashion waste is the 2nd largest polluter in the world after oil

Profit - Consumers shop and thereby unknowingly financially support companies that cut corners thus perpetuating the dangerous cycle.

The term "unsustainable" ultimately means we can't keep this cycle of destruction going anymore.

How can we direct and steer change towards good?

How can we harness the power of fashion towards positive impact?

How do we know where to shop responsibly and show the new trend of change?


Introducing Kindred, your destination for stylish sustainable fashion to

support responsible consumption/production and look good while doing


Our marketplace features sustainable brands who courageously help:

People - by paying fair wages for fair labor.

Planet - by using earth-friendly non-toxic materials.

Profit - by donating a portion of the proceeds towards causes of value.

Our Speciality

Our goal is to help you understand how much of an impact you have! Feel connected to your planet and know you make a difference.

Our policy is simple:

Find something you like, wear it for as long as you like, and recycle it with us. You can donate or resell right through your purchase history page!

Why Us?

NYC is the fashion capital of the world. We have a thriving ecosystem of innovation that’s helping transform the garment/textile industry into one that can sustain hundreds of years into the future.

As the USA winners of the United Nations Influx Hackathon on sustainability, we are proud and committed advocates for bringing the world together on causes that matter.

We can’t think of a better more natural way to quickly enable our communities to create long-lasting impact.

How you can help?

- Donate and choose the reward right for you.

- Explore our shop and find something you like

- Recommend a sustainable brand and product that should be part of our marketplace

- Share this page and help spread the word of an easy way to look good while doing good.

- Stay in touch! Join our email newsletter and like/follow us on social media, we’ll be giving special announcements to kindred fans

Where will the money go?

30% - Marketing e.g. organizing sustainable fashion events

30% - R&D (Research & Development) e.g. utilizing blockchain technology to give better transparency into the fashion supply chain. Know who helped make the item you’re wearing from material selection and manufacturing all the way to design and production.

30% - Website design customizing the experience so that each user can see their unique impact

10% - Shipping/sorting so that we can take care of all the recycling for you and do it the right way.