Help KSDJ host the May Day Music Festival!

KSDJ is the student run radio station on campus, providing music, shows, & events!

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Project summary

KSDJ is raising $5,000 for our annual event: the May Day Music Festival. We aim to provide a variety of live music for students, community members, and lovers of music to enjoy every year. The money will go into hiring musical acts and providing other entertainment throughout the event. 

Who are We?

KSDJ is managed by six students: Jacob Womack, Cameron Schroder, Renae Vinzant, Logan Haak, Andrew Holtan, and Ben Kallis. With the help of our advisor, Susan Smith, we all work together throughout the year to make KSDJ rock! Whether that be creating ads, managing student DJs, running social media, providing updated news and sports entertainment, or just managing the station itself. You can read more about all of the staff members here.

We all come from a variety of majors, but we all come together for the love of radio and student media. KSDJ has taught us all new skills, work experience, and most importantly that radio is so fun!

What is the May day Music Festival?

The May Day Music Festival is an annual event held by KSDJ every spring semester. Although it's called May Day, more often than not it's held at the end of April to not compete with finals! This year May Day will be held on April 26 from 4-11 pm in Jack's Place of the Student Union. 

A variety of performers

We aim to provide a wide variety of music at May Day. We also try to highlight student performers and showcase their talents as well as bringing in musical acts. We've had performers in the genre of rock, alternative, country, rap, and more! May Day really is for everyone, no matter what music you prefer!

An Experience

May Day is an experience for students, community members, and music lovers. We love being able to provide live music right here on SDSU’s campus. We aim to aid the experience by bringing in food and other entertainment to our festival, with the help of your donations we'll be able to make the experience even greater!

A History of KSDJ

KSDJ started at South Dakota State University 25 years ago on May 14, 1993. We air music from the new rock genre, with some other tunes thrown in there every now and then! As well as our staff member's shows, we have student DJs who volunteer their time to host their own shows every week. KSDJ is broadcasted from the basement of the Student Union.

Where will the money go?

With your help, the $5,000 will go into funding May Day with its musical acts and other costs involved with putting on a music festival. We would love to bring in some bigger names and provide musical entertainment to students and community members for free. With your donation, we will be creating promotional material, hiring musical acts, renting equipment, and creating a fun event for everyone to enjoy! 

Find us Here

We will be regularly updating our social media with the progress of this campaign.

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Stay tuned for more information leading up the May Day Music Festival on April 26!

If you prefer to make check donations, checks can be made out to the SDSU Foundation and can either be dropped off/mailed into KSDJ and/or the SDSU Foundation: 


1421 Student Union Lane 

SDSU SSU 069, Box 2815 

Brookings, SD 57007 


SDSU Foundation 

Lohr Building 

815 Medary Ave /Box 525 

Brookings, SD 57007 

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