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Give Langwith 'Room to Grow'

Help us raise £5000 for furnishing our new Common Rooms in Langwith!

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This project received pledges on Fri 04 Sep 2015


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Langwith College. That’s 50 years of an ongoing, amazing community that encourages students to #getinvolved and make the most of their time at the University of York.

Langwith has seen the beginning of thousands of new friendships, and a wealth of extra-curricular activities. From sports teams to volunteering, or RAG to nights out, the College has always provided its students with opportunities to gain experience, discover themselves, and to have fun.

Most of our alumni will have fond memories of their time spent on the main campus in our old buildings next to our oldest rivals in Derwent. However, in 2012 Langwith made the move onto Heslington East, where we are now preparing for our fourth year of Langwith students living on this new campus.

With our community as strong as ever, we have decided it’s high time that Langwith, like the majority of the Colleges at York, had it’s own common room. We hope that this new space will become one in which all Langwith students are able to make the most of, using it to expand upon on-going events and activities and hopefully to develop new ones too.


Currently, the budget that we have been given covers only the building of the common room. In order to make the space the best it can be for everyone in Langwith, we need to be able fill it with the facilities and equipment required for a full range of student activities.

One of our most important ongoing events in Langwith is ‘Free Food Thursdays’, where members of the Student Association cook for the whole college each week, bringing Langwithians together like one big family! Currently, we’re stuck having to use Fresher’s kitchens and their pans each week. Having a fully stocked kitchen in our common room would allow us to improve on what is already one of the University’s biggest food handout events, expanding to make it even more convenient!

A common room is a space where students can go to chill out and mingle with others. For a college that prides itself on its spirit and community, we can’t exercise that level of pride and passion to #getinvolved can know we can without a space like this. We hope to be able to fill the room with sofas, bean bags, cushions, bookshelves and hopefully entertainment such as an air hockey table and games consoles.

In joining with us and donating to our campaign, not only will you be receiving some fantastic Langwith inspired rewards from the College team and fellow students, but you ll be contributing to the further development of the best college at the University of York. A great common room will help students to make the most of their time here and to create another 50 years of fond and fantastic memories.


Langwith has always been a College led by its tight-knit community and awesome spirit! As we've made the jump to Heslington East, let's kick off the next 50 years for this great College by getting us a place that brings us together, and celebrates everything we stand for!

"A room for the players, a room for the party animals. A room for the musicians and the photographers. A room for the hard workers, and the hardly workers. A room for your friends, your best friends and your even more than best friends. For now and years to come. A room for Langwith. A 'Room to Grow'!"

Thanks everyone! xox

Where will the money go?

£500 - The first £500 will be put towards funding all our kitchen equipment for Free Food Thursdays including pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and more!

£1000 - Next we’ll get started by buying some tables and chairs for people to study and socialise.

£3500 - We want to invest in some quality sofas, chairs and beanbags for people to relax. And by ‘quality’ we probably mean IKEA!

£4500 - Go further, kitting out the common room with games consoles, bookshelves, air hockey tables, TVs and more.

£5000 - ‘Make a house a home’. We’ll make this a Common Room for Langwith, filling it with photos of old and new, among our trophies, memories and more from recent years.

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Langwith ‘Through the Ages’ calendar. See Langwith through time and the seasons in this limited edition calendar. (Cumulative - Also receive all awards prior)

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Get an official Langwith College scarf! By far our most popular merch item, there’s nothing better to remember Langwith by sporting a woolly black-and-yellow scarf! (Cumulative - Also receive all awards prior)

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Receive a written and signed thank you letter from the College along with a limited edition, Langwith inspired tea-towel, designed by current students. (Cumulative - Also receive all awards prior)

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EXCLUSIVE! Visit ‘new’ Langwith, meet the current College team and student committees over dinner whilst visiting our soon-to-be-common room. Excludes travel and accommodation. (Exclusive rewards also include cumulative rewards up to £150)

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EXCLUSIVE! VIP tickets to the 50th Weekend, including a formal meal with the University’s Vice Chancellor, College Principal, among others. (Exclusive rewards also include cumulative rewards up to £150)

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EXCLUSIVE! Limited edition Langwith-inspired glasswork by our amazing College Administrator, Suzanne Dekker. (Exclusive rewards also include cumulative rewards up to £150)

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