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The most challenging runner game you'LL ever play

We are raising £3000 to complete this amazing game. It is an application that breaks so many grounds in the gaming industry. it includes feature combinations that cannot be found in any other game. It is a running game with 7 lanes rather than the main stream types of just three lanes. It is the first runner game of its kind whereby players are challenged to run against time. It is also the first runner game to allow players use power-ups without paying for them instantly (all with game coins). The first Use now Pay later game (not with real cash but with game coins). It allows players to to have a negative number of power-ups. The idea of the game is to get the student to school as fast as possible. Some obstacles slow the player down and reduce the time left while others make it Game Over. The Beta game has been uploaded to the Apple store (it's only available on Apple at the moment). It will be available shortly. this would allow players to test the concept of the game while we complete the rest part of the game. It has been termed by others who have had the privilege to test the game as the most challenging runner game. 

Who am I?

- I am an MSC entrepreneurial student at the University of Liverpool.

- I am an international student who plans to remain in the UK and run the fastest growing investment company in the world.

Your story

I am generally known for coming up with many business ideas. I have been doing this since the early ages of my life. the first time I thought about an application I was around 16 but never thought about it deeply however I thought of so many other businesses which I write down in a little book I call the book of ideas. Towards the end of my undergraduate I began thinking of what business was the best to start up with. This was hard because most of them required large sums of money which were not in my position and were hard to come by. Later on a friend came by and had me think about applications. Later on I remembered that once my mother complained about one running game that had no end yet it had a second part to it. this then became the foundation of the game Late For School (L4S). The first runner game to have an end and with 7 lanes. the game play I also changed ad includes so many new features which may not be available  in other games. I began to design the game in writings from January 2014 and was complete designing it in July. In by august i was able to secure a total of £5000 from investors which I used to pay for the initial stage of development. by January 2015 I discovered that the company i was working with were incapable of completing the game so I had to get a new team and continue the project. I became more and more close to the development process and learnt a lot from the new and very capable team. Completing this project would be a dream come true for the team and we plan on using the funds from the game to grow and create other applications as well as open other businesses that would in-turn create employment opportunities. the application would be available in two version, one free without ads and the other free with ads. future projects and all donors would have the privilege to purchase the ones without ads 50% off its original price. they would also be the first to hear about updates of the game.

Where will the money go?

Funds would be spent on completing the application, making an android version and for marketing

Minimum funds of £1000 would be spent on marketing and for the completion of the game

while the maximum fund (£3000) would be spent on the both identified above and the Android version.


we have some fab rewards in our pitch to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give.

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