Law Alumni Endowed Scholarship

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Law Alumni Endowed Scholarship
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The Law Alumni Board of Directors engages with and supports not only our alumni community, but also our student community. The Board is stepping up its efforts to benefit the student body at the School of Law by increasing available financial aid for current students through the Law Alumni Endowed Scholarship.

But we can't maximize our impact alone.

Why Scholarship Aid?

More than 75% of law students receive financial aid every year-- through scholarships, grants, and loans-- and most of the University's current endowment is designated to provide scholarship support. But we can do more to attract and retain talented students, and that is often directly tied to available scholarship funding. Increasing available scholarship aid is an important step toward expanding and preserving access to a Western New England School of Law education, while also maintaining the strong legacy of the School of Law for our alumni.

The Board selected the Law Alumni Endowed Scholarship as the beneficiary of our coordinated law alumni efforts. It is awarded to returning law students who have demonstrated academic ability and have financial need.

Our Goal

The Board has set a preliminary goal of increasing the endowment's funding by $50,000 to provide support for generations to come. The scholarship is awarded annually based on the calculated market value.

Through the efforts of the board, beginning in July 2018, nearly $8,000 has been added to the scholarship as of June 30, 2019 

The impact

Scholarship aid is vital for our students; without it many would not be able to attend the law school.

"My scholarship aid is the reason I was able to attend law school. Donor funded scholarships made all the difference in the world to me and I am grateful for my experiences at Western New England University. Scholarships provide opportunities for educational and career achievements, and they open new doors for many people who are trying to make life changes." -Sarita Manigat L'18

Help us succeed!

Here's how you can help us reach our goal and leave a lasting impact on fellow law students:

  • Be a champion of philanthropy by making a gift here online or by mailing a check. Be sure to note "Law Alumni Endowed Scholarship."
  • Promote this project through your personal and professional networks to encourage even more support and participation. The more people who know about it, the more likely we are to reach our goal!
  • Share your own Western New England University School of Law experience. Did scholarship aid help you achieve your degree goals? Let us know via email, social media, or phone.
  • Become an alumni volunteer. Consider a variety of volunteer opportunities-- from serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors to mentoring first year law students-- depending on your availability.