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Completion Date: Mon 31 Aug 2015

My Project

I am raising $2000 to buy into the collective for the ImaginEng English School project. With your help, I will become a co-owner of a school that teaches English through the arts: music, dance, theater, and visual arts. This school will be run in a way that is fun, ethical, creative, and supportive of both students and teachers.


I am 25 years old, living my dreams - teaching English, swing dancing, and singing jazz in Barcelona. This project, ImaginEng, is a collaboration with Angeline Pittenger and Casey Pierce, two American English teachers and artists (art and theater, respectively) who share my passion for teaching language skills through the arts. I've been living in Barcelona for just over one year and have fallen in love with the city, its culture and its people, and I'm seeking to make a life here doing the things that I love most in this world: dancing, singing, and teaching.

MY story

- ImaginEng offers me the opportunity to combine all of the things I'm most passionate about into a career. This school will allow me to share my passions and impart my skills onto children, teens, and adults in a creative, fun, supportive environment. I will have the chance to teach dance and singing courses in English. 

- This is an idea that I had myself about a year ago, but I did not have the funds nor the knowledge necessary to realistically open a school. When I met Angeline and Casey and got involved teaching a workshop with them this spring, I could tell from speaking with them that they were dedicated and passionate about the ImaginEng project. When they offered me the chance to collaborate, I could not refuse. I can not imagine a better opportunity for me to use all of my skills, do what I most love to do, and make a living (and a life) here in Barcelona. Co-owning this school will allow me to do all of those things, eventually allowing me to get a working status here in Spain.

- My brother said in his last will and testament that, "Everyone should do something that will benefit everyone." I believe that this is my chance to do that in a way that is perfectly suited to who I am and the life I hope to live. I have seen the impact that language education can have on someone's life (namely, my own). It opens doors that most people never even face in their lifetime. For me, learning Spanish and Chinese made a huge difference in the direction my life has taken. I would not be living in the city of my dreams, truly living instead of just surviving, without that language background. This will give me the chance to make a living doing what I love while giving other people the chance to expand their horizons and perhaps find what they love through the arts. Help me make a difference in the lives of children, teens, and even adults in Barcelona, Spain.

Where will the money go?

This money goes directly toward my investment into the business to cover what we have already spent on renovating the building, buying furniture and supplies, and paying the insurance and rent. 

Hitting my target goal of $2,000 will mean that, combined with Angeline's and Casey's investment, we can furnish our space (chairs, sturdy tables, white board, printer) buy classroom materials, pay for marketing and advertising costs, and guarantee a minimum salary for teachers while the business gets on its feet. 

Any funds above the target goal will be earmarked for scholarships for students who otherwise would not be able to attend. 

One of our values is economic transparency and we will give regular updates on the status of the school on our facebook page and website. 


I want to show my appreciation through rewards that are both personal and creative and reflect my love of Barcelona.

Below, you can see an example of the print of a Barcelona cityscape done by Angeline Pittenger.

Find us here

Find us on the web at www.imagineng.es 

On facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009582603442&fref=ts  

Via email at info@imagineng.es

Or come visit us in person.  Calle Carders 12, Barcelona, Spain. 

Help Me succeed!

Please share this project with anyone and everyone you think would be interested. While not everyone has the resources to sponsor us, sharing our project with your own network is a great way to support us. 

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I will dedicate a thank you video to you and sing you a song!

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A personalized post card thank you note, print, flower or bowtie, plus a scholarship in your name for one trimester of tuition for dance or music classes with me for one student. **The scholarship offered for a donation of $1000 or more will be given to a child selected by AADAS (Association for Assistance for Women who've been Sexually Abused). The organization provides assistance and support for women and their children. We would love to help one of these kids!

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2015