The 2015 Leavers' Gift

The 2015 Leavers’ Challenge: Creating a new tradition at Somerville

The 2015 Leavers' Gift
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The somerville Leavers' Gift

Somerville has a surprising mixture of long-celebrated tradition and being anything but traditional – and perhaps no one knows this better than we do as current students.  We are proud of the College’s long history of pioneering change, and we now have a chance to be a part of that by helping celebrate philanthropy, which has been at the heart of Somerville since it was founded.

Many of us don’t realise how much we have each benefited from the generosity of alumni, parents and friends of the College.  In fact, income from donations was equal to half the budget last year!  We know that as students we don’t have tons of cash, but recognising the support we’ve received and paying it forward means a lot – not only to future students, but to all Somerville alumni and any others who are considering helping out too. 

Many colleges have Leavers’ Gifts and this is our chance to start one at Somerville.  New traditions can begin with us - all it takes is someone doing it first.    

Let’s help bring a new fresher to Somerville next year

21% of Somerville undergrads received a bursary last year (we’re one of the top few in bursary provision!)  Without this fund we would not be the inclusive and diverse community that we are proud to be.  As we start to look towards the future, let’s seize the moment to band together and show our appreciation and support of the Bursary Fund, without which Somerville would be 1/5 less awesome in all that it does. 

How to get on board

This campaign is special because all gifts matter, big or small - we just hope everyone will participate at a level that suits them.  If every finalist gave £10, we could help fund a bursary for an incoming student, but gifts of any size are most welcome, and you can make the amount anonymous.  Don’t hide your name though, as it will help encourage everyone to join in – but do spread the word and share this campaign with all of your friends.  

so many thanks

Everyone who makes a gift will receive a written thank you.  And if we reach our goal of at least 50% of Leavers participating, we will organise a Leavers Photograph this term that we will frame and mount in The Terrace to commemorate the gift… and the beginning of a wonderful new tradition at Somerville.  We will also send all those who participate a digital copy of the photograph. 

Let’s make sure that future students get to enjoy all the fantastic opportunities that we have experienced over the past few years!