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Leeds Uni Women's Lacrosse needs you!

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This project received pledges on Sun 26 Apr 2020

*despite Covid-19, donations will still be extremely useful next season* 

we are uni of leeds lacrosse club and we need your help...

Leeds Lacrosse Club (LAX) is made up of 160 female students whose lacrosse skills ranges from beginners to a national level. We are a family, who  live love lax!! xoxo

We are thrilled that both the First and Second Teams have had such a successful season so far, both progressing through a higher league than last season.

In fact, our First Team are currently 2nd in their league and will be eligible for the play-off game to have the chance of progressing to the Premier league among the best teams in the UK and Scotland.

This would not have been possible without our extra Strength and Conditioning session, extra evening session at Weetwood, and new Coach Adam Fox, hired this year. These changes vastly improve the teams experiences and successes, but do mean that the day to day costs of keeping our club going have majorly gone up.

This is where you come in...

Your donations will help lax live on, continue to train hard, commute, and pay for pitch space and referees. 

Additionally, we are so happy to have attracted more beginners to the club than ever. The club feels full and inclusive, with our regular mothers and daughters socials generating a great family atmosphere!

The beginners sessions are really fun, lead by our coach and also the committee girls, but desperately need more kit and equipment. We want to encourage as many new players as possible to get involved, and for this to be the case providing sticks is essential. 

Where will your money go?

Your amazing help will allow us to achieve:

If you help us hit our minimum target of £1,000 you will be supporting our First Team to hit new heights!

Having moved up a league and the potential to go up again for the 2020/21 season, our lacrosse matches this season are based further afield. We have travelled to Scotland three times with up to a 12 hour round trip in one day! Your donations up to £1,000 would go towards two round trips to Scotland and back as the team continues performing within this league over the next season.

If you help us hit our ultimate target of £2,000, you will be helping to train up our Second Team!

In the past three years, the Second Team has moved up a league and are now one of the top teams in its current division. To maintain these successes, the second team needs regular coaching. This year we employed a new coach, who has greatly improved our training sessions. Your donations of up to £2000 would go towards keeping our coach and as a result maintaining successes!

Anything we raise over our target will go towards making our sport accessible to players across all levels!

Due to the high levels of engagement from students who have never played lacrosse before, the club needs funds for new equipment to keep the game accessible to players of all levels. We hope to buy new sticks and balls, because unfortunately at our last 'give-it-a-go' girls had to take it in turns to play. We want to encourage as many people as possible to come to these sessions, so enough equipment is essential! Therefore, the funds we have left over will go toward new equipment and opportunities for our beginner and development squad. 

*despite Covid-19, donations will still be extremely useful next season* 


In order to thank our generous donors we will be providing 3 rewards which will be delivered to you after the 26th April.

If you give £10....  we will give you a shoutout on one of our social media pages

If you give £20.... we will provide a song sang by our one and only Arielle Lande, via email!

And if you are feeling really generous and give £30 ... you will receive an emailed picture of one of our amazing teams on our Winning Wednesdays!


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