PhD scholarship in Leukaemia research

We are funding a PhD scholarship in Leukaemia research at Brunel

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Who are We?

Our laboratory, based at Brunel University London led by Dr Sabrina Tosi, specialises in the study of a particular subtype of childhood leukaemia called t(7;12). This aggressive form of cancer hits children as young as 2 years old, and it is known for its poor recovery rates. We now understand that leukaemia is very different from patient to patient at the genetic level. Without a "one-fits-all" drug, treatments are not always successful, with some patients having little or no options for a cure.

Why are we fundraising?

We have started a new ambitious project to create a research model for rare infant leukaemia subtype t(7;12), using the latest gene editing technology, funded by Kidscan and Brunel University London. Recreating this leukaemia "in a test tube" would provide us with unlimited opportunities to solve unanswered questions and come closer to a cure. However, we need your help to maximise the outcomes of our project, as we are looking to raise an extra £15000 to go towards a full PhD studentship in leukaemia research.

Where will the money go?

The money will support the costs of laboratory equipment and reagents, and partially contribute towards a research stipend for one PhD student. This will enable us to run more experiments and complete our project with more detailed findings. The professional formation of an excellent young scientist will also ensure that this research will continue even after the completion of the PhD project.

Help us succeed!

By donating to research, whether big or small, we all contribute to new discoveries and advances, as well as to the formation of new scientists. With this goal in mind, we are confident in the success of our project and the impact it will have on young patients and their families, who will experience first-hand the results of our work behind the scenes.