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Spanish at ITESM

'The limits of my language are the limits of my world' - Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Project background

I am currently raising funds for a month-long Spanish course at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). This is my long-awaited opportunity to practise Spanish and explore one of my most beloved cultures. Another goal to achieve is to research more about how Mexico deals with rising interests in science and technology, which is what I specialise in, to see if my expertise may be useful there in the future.

After the trip, my personal aim would be to promote Mexican culture and defy common stereotypes attached to the Mexican culture and people.

Who am i?

I am Mariya, a Genetics student who has a thing for peace and equality. My love for science is explained by its’ unifying nature and how it involves different people from all over the world regardless of their background. After finishing my degree at Essex, I plan to work abroad in a country that needs foreign scientists to feed their growing interests for science, like the Latin American countries, meanwhile promoting the University of Essex and science in general.

the story

Studying Spanish for GCSE wasn’t my own choice but is certainly one of my most rewarding experiences. Having started the course late, I struggled, and like all challenges, this one motivated me over a few weeks  to become top of class for the rest of the year. Before I left that school, I had to promise my Spanish teacher to continue Spanish at A-levels.

Having studied Spanish for two more years, not at A-levels but for DofE (cheeky), I came to the point where I can have a conversation, but unfortunately, my room’s empty walls aren’t the most talkative chums. For a year now, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to practise Spanish without annoying my Spanish-speaking peers and lecturers, and thankfully for me (and for them) I have found it with Essex Abroad.

Being in Monterrey will help me do as much learning as I can do outside of the classroom. I’m hoping to absorb enough Spanish to give up speaking English for some time during my course. This will hopefully prepare me for apply for a year abroad in a Spanish-speaking university.

Where will the money go?

Flight tickets with return £500

Travel insurance £100

Any extra donations will help me find a place with a host family (£346 extra), which would create the best-ever learning environment for me.

Overall minimum £600 (£946 very-very desirable)


My rewards include photos from my trip, thanks on social media and a firm telepathic handshake for any amount donated. Rewards for donations starting from £25 include a postcard and a fake Mexican moustache in combination with other things listed in the rewards lists on the right.

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