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We want to help 10 young Lambeth residents to create new lives that are free of the anxieties and repercussions that crime so often brings with it. We will help them find new ways of thinking that will lead to more positive and productive lives.

'Listening 2 Lambeth' is the project that will help to make that a reality for these 10 young people, together with your help.

By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, you will be involved in making a difference, in changing a life, that in turn will change many more.

The Reasons Why Foundation

The Reasons Why Foundation reduces re-offending by empowering young people to understand what has motivated them to offend and to explore alternatives. We are a team of carefully selected people, who are inspirational examples of change and who are fully committed to the core values that underpin our work. Our Core Values are: everyone matters, trust & respect, listening & learning, support & empathy and change is always possible.

Listening 2 Lambeth project

The experience that informs our work goes back 28 years and we learn more every day. We know at The Reasons Why Foundation, that by listening to the people we support, we learn what it is that they need in order to make the necessary changes in their lives to overcome the multiple and diverse challenges that they face.

We do this because our team all understand that we are equal and although some of us have made choices that have caused negative impact to ourselves and others, this doesn't mean that we matter any less.

This matters to us because we see every day what a difference it makes in the lives of the people we support.

Our programme of support helps young people turn away from crime. This saves the UK tax payers in excess of £50,000 per year for every single person we support that doesn't return to crime, while helping to make our streets safer places for all of us

The cost of supporting one (1) person on to our programme is £1,725 for one (1) year. We want to offer 10 places initially, but have capacity for more.

If we do not reach £1,725 then the money will go towards establishing this project and we will fundraise elsewhere to meet the required total.

If we hit our target of £17,250 then 10 young people will be enrolled onto our programme and this will have a saving in excess of £500,000 to the UK tax payers. 10 lives will change forever and many more will benefit from these changes, family, friends, co-workers and community members.

That £1,725 will see one young person be enrolled onto our Listening 2 Lambeth Project, where they will learn to explore their own behavioural motivation and grasp new ways of thinking, while learning new employability and life skills. They will receive 2 weekly 1-2-1 sessions with their caseworker, 6 months of weekly 1 hour sessions with their trained mentor and access to our job brokering service which will help them to find them the right job that they can not only do, but enjoy and also keep.

If we raise more than our target, we will use every additional £1,725 to enroll an additional young person onto our programme.

Updates will be regularly issued to all people that have shown an interest in this work and those that have got involved.


We have a choice of rewards for you on this campaign or you can simply pledge without a reward, the choice is yours and you can rest assured that your generous pledge will help to change lives.

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