Love is in the Heir - A Murder Mystery

Stop! Murder Time.

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This project received pledges on Mon 31 Jan 2022
2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hello donors!

Exciting news - the play is now LIVE on our YouTube channel! 

Here is the link to watch:

Allow us to take this time to thank you all again for your generous support for this production. We truly hope you enjoy this play.

Have a wonderful weekend, thank you, and happy watching! :)

Kind regards,

Tahani Baldwin

Write and Director of 'Love is in the Heir'

Vice-president of Aston Drama Society

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello to our lovely donors!

Apologies for the lack of information over the last few weeks. We're very excited to tell you that the online recording for 'Love is in the Heir' will be released this Friday 25th February. The video will be uploaded on our official Youtube channel, and the link will be sent out to donors on the day as soon the video becomes available. Although it will only be a sample of scenes from the play, we hope you enjoy it, and we are so proud of our actors for doing such an amazing job.

Thank you all for your time and patience. We'll see you all soon! :)

Kind regards,

Aston Drama Society

4 months ago

Hello to our wonderful pledgers!


As you would have seen on our social media pages, the in-person performances of ‘Love is in the Heir’ were canceled, due to unforeseen circumstances regarding COVID-19. On behalf of the cast and committee, we thank you all for your time and patience.

We are proud to announce that ‘Love is in the Heir’ will now be taking place online through our official Youtube channel! The premiere will be held towards the end of February (with more details to come on our social media!)

The deadline for donations has now been extended to January 31st, after which date your pledge will then be taken - we thank you all for your generous pledges which will go towards future productions, shows, workshops and other theatre-related activities!

Once again, thank you for your time and patience, and we cannot wait to see you for the online production of ‘Love is in the Heir’!

Kind regards,

Aston Drama Society.