Fight Domestic Violence

I am a domestic violence researcher and need your support finalise my project

Fight Domestic Violence
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Completion Date: Mon 02 May 2016


I am asking for financial support  for my studies and research on domestic violence.

I am currently a student of Criminology and Psychology at the University of Southampton (UK). In September 2016 I would like to continue my studies as I have been admitted to the prestigious University of St Andrews (UK).

Unfortunately, without funding I will not be able to continue my research. That is why I am fundraising for £9000 that will mainly cover my tuition fees (£6800).

Who am i?

I am a 26 years old student and researcher devoted to fight domestic violence. I am devoted to study this crime as it is a global issue crushing the basic human right to live freely and safely in their own home.  Domestic violence takes away this right to millions of people every year around the globe. Policy makers and law enforcement agencies fail to protect citizens in their own homes. That is why more research is needed to understand the best ways to help domestic violence victims, to offer psychological support, and rehabilitation.

If you want to read more about my previous projects, please visit my LinkedIn profile:

Why fund a Domestic violence research project?

Violence against women is a serious social (1 woman on 4 will experience domestic violence  in her life) and psychological problem (experienced traumas can last for decades). It is important also to mention economic consequences of domestic violence: scientists from the University of Leeds have established it costs Europe £15 trillion a year (Walby, 2009). Researchers are also aware that further research, education and information, are very important in order to deal with the problem.

My previous research on women killing in Italy has been very well received by Italian organizations (e.g. organisation for missing persons Penelope, Amnesty International Italy, Caritas), research institutes (e.g. University of Bari) and influential media (e.g. National Television RAI). I wish to extend my research on domestic violence prevention and treatment. My goal is to conduct research that will become a base of information for institutions to fight domestic violence, and help the victims.

Where will the money go? 

- University of St Andrews fees: £6800

- Academic costs: £300


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