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A Simply Comfortable Transition

Lularoe Amandah Gomes
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Completion Date: Wed 03 May 2017


To help female graduating students from the University of Bridgeport transition their wardrobe from college appropriate to workplace appropriate attire.

Let me introduce myself

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am an independent fashion consultant and the sole owner of Lularoe Amandah Gomes. I learned a valuable lesson about workplace attire after shifting from active duty military to the private sector. Not only can it be expensive and uninspired, but professional attire can also be uncomfortable. Insert Lularoe. With just a few carefully selected pieces it is possible to transition your wardrobe in an affordable way without losing comfort or personality.

My service intention

It is my intention to teach the graduating seniors how they can create a more professional wardrobe that will fit their shape, personality, and budget.

  • I believe it is important to act when you have a service and product that can assist others.
  • Your donation will DIRECTLY benefit the graduate. Each dollar will be used as an evenly distributed discount to all purchasing seniors at their event later this month.

how your money will be spent?

  • Each dollar donated will directly discount the student's cost.
  • For example, if you donate $25 and 25 graduates purchase an item, each graduate will recieve a discount of $1 from your donation.

gratitude for your donation

  • Each and every donation is greatly appreciated! Please be sure to check out the reward section to see what reward you qualify for.

want to stay in touch with lularoe amandah gomes?

Please feel free to follow me on social media! My Instagram handle is: lularoeamandahgomes. Find me on Facebook at:

want to help more?

  • Do you know a graduating senior that could benefit from this event? Please have them contact me directly at
  • Are you interested in a wardrobe transition yourself? Please schedule a personal consultation by emailing me at: