Lunt's Heath Primary School- Making VR A Reality

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Lunt's Heath Primary School- Making VR A Reality
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This project received pledges on Wed 13 Dec 2017


Number of students that will benefit: 368

Age of students: 4-11

Eligible for Free School Meals: 5.9%


Lunt’s Heath is a warm and welcoming school full of adults committed to supporting children, families and the community at large driven by common family values.

Our aim is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where children feel valued and respected and are motivated to become independent and confident learners and thinkers who become responsible, trustworthy and caring members of society. We have high expectations of children’s work and behaviour and constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of school life.

We are always seeking ways we can make school an even better place to come and learn. As a result we have a high regard for the learning environments that we create, in particular our development of innovative ideas that will prepare our children for the next generation of technology.

Why are we looking for donations?

We are hoping to purchase a class set of 10 Virtual Reality headsets along with 10 x iPod touches that would allow us to have a class set that could be used around the whole school. We have been lucky enough for Google to come in to school to allow us to have a look at how the technology works and in just one day we realised the potential of having Virtual Reality in our school.

Who will benefit from this project?

We are a school with that has a vision. We wish to extend the opportunities for our children to experience new and interactive ways of learning. We believe that every child has the ability to achieve with the right stimulus and that the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality within the curriculum and across the whole school would enthuse the learning for many.

Our vision

At Lunt’s Heath we have a vision to move away from simply ‘learning’ a subject or topic to ‘feeling’ the content. Virtual Reality will allow a child to explore, to experience or to be involved in something, as if they are actually present in that environment or place.

As a tool for the classroom teacher of any subject, it will provide us with another avenue to explore with learners. Through research we have undertaken, we believe that Virtual Reality is an effective new way to engage those that may find work difficult, or it will provide another opportunity to engage with a variety of learning styles.

We acknowledge that sometimes it is easier to see and hear something than have it explained to you, and occasionally children just need to be taken out of a classroom environment and dropped into an immersive world; where they can watch dinosaurs walk around them, experience a performance at a West End theatre or in a concert hall, or live stream with other children around the world in VR social spaces.

We feel certain that this technology has a distinct and unique part to play for learners of the future. We truly believe that sometimes a little bit of awe and wonder is what we need to make lessons memorable.


7X iPod touch @ £194.40 each = £1360.80

7X Bluetooth controller for VR set @ £7.19 each = £50.33

1x USB Charging Station @ £28.99

Delivery = £6.00

Sub total = £1,446.12

Credit card fees (2%) = £28.92

Total = £1,475.04

Stretch goal - if we can go beyond this, we would love to increase the number of iPods and controllers to 10, at a total of £2092. If we had this many, our children would be able to use the headsets in smaller groups.


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