Funding Msc fees in Applied Social Research. Stepping toward

Seeking funding for Msc Applied Social Research. Fees only, not asking for maintenance

Funding Msc fees in Applied Social Research. Stepping toward
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Completion Date: Mon 03 Oct 2016
I am about to start my MSc in Applied Social Research at Hull University, full time. I am not entitled to the new government post-grad loan due to having studied at Masters level before part-time, even though I self funded. My goal is PhD and to become a professional researcher to make a difference in the world, and to build upon previous experience and passions. I was up for a scholarship this year for PhD at Hull, but was pipped at the post, though the panel said they are interested in my research. On further discussion with one of the staff, I decided to do the MSc Applied Social Research in the same dept (Social Sciences), where I could build upon my experience, and use the MSc towards and to support a PhD next Autumn. Because of my previous study at level M and because my goal is PhD, we decided part-time of two years would only be delaying further. I was told I can use some of the area proposed for PhD as my MSc thesis and carry through. This MSc is also a qualification in itself to beginning professional research. 

I am passionate about my work and want to make a difference in the world. The two areas I have previously proposed are Sexual Violence and Shame in Women in Mid-Life from an embodied and identity perspective, and Obesity and Identity in Young People. I work part time and also do voluntary work for Seed Eating Disorders, Hull, and have worked at Hull Rape Crisis in the past and I also run a women's Mid-Life group on facebook along with another friend and colleague. If my future career can help to further understanding, innovation and healing in these areas, I will have fulfilled something of my life direction and purpose. I hope my contribution can make a difference to lives and research.

Funding myself for this MSc will prove difficult, and I am continuing some work throughout despite the the course being a heavy workload. I am crowdfunding to help pay my fees, not my maintenance. I will continue to pay for my maintenance the best I can like I do now. Though this may prove a hard year, I will work hard and achieve my goal.

If anyone is willing to help, you will have my sincerest gratitude, and I will always mention you when I mention who has helped me get where I am to help make a difference. In the future I hope to help another student or researcher, and pay it forward.