Masters in Bones and Teeth

A passion that I would love the opportunity to follow.

Masters in Bones and Teeth
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Completion Date: Mon 15 Aug 2016

Bones and teeth at Edinburgh

  • I have a B.A. (Hons.) from the University of Melbourne in Classical Archaeology and I have seven years of experience as a field archaeologist, researcher, and heritage advisor in Australia.  In Australia I worked in and around Melbourne on Australian Aboriginal archaeology.

    Although my qualification and my experience as an archaeologist are from Australia, I was born in England and grew up in Scotland.  My father is Scottish and my mother is Australian; when I was 19 I decided to take advantage of my Australian citizenship and get as far away from Scotland as possible.


    By early 2015 I had become disillusioned with commercial archaeology and its focus on development.  I began to think 'I didn't study archaeology so I could excavate a site and then the developer comes in, bulldozers it and makes millions of dollars'. I decided to pack my belongings, leave Australia and come back to Scotland.  Much of my immediate family is here and Scotland seemed to be a country that was very different from the one I left all those years ago.


    My archaeological career has stagnated since I have arrived back.  A lot of it has to do with my lack of understanding of Scottish and British archaeology.  I don't know what to look for if I'm on a site.  I couldn't write an interpretive report on a site because I have no background in Scottish or British heritage.  I have worked as a carer this past year; however, archaeology is my passion and I began to look for a way to restart my career.  I have identified a one year taught Masters as the fastest way to specialise, utilise my existing skills, and make me job ready for archaeology.


    My research has indicated that Edinburgh University's MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology is the best course for me, for these reasons:


    • It is partially funded via a loan by the Scottish Government;
    • It is a vocational, 'hands-on' course, teaching practical skills;
    • Edinburgh University provides fantastic Graduate job search support;
    • There is a wide range of job prospects outside archaeology e.g. police forensics, war crimes investigation.


    I have accepted an offer to study Human Osteoarchaeology at the University of Edinburgh.  The total tuition fee for the Masters is GBP 10,200; I have paid the GBP 500 deposit so the remainder is GBP 9,700.  I got the Scottish Government grant of GBP 3,400 (the maximum available) so the shortfall is GBP 6,300.  In order to meet this shortfall I am applying for scholarships and bursaries from Edinburgh University and a large number of charities.

    Because I'm self-funded I have to pay 50% up front, 25% in December, and 25% in February.  So I need 1,450 GBP by September, 2,425 GBP by December, and a further 2,425 by February.  The total I am aiming for includes money factored in to pay for rewards.


    I have also set up this crowd-funding site,  I don’t expect that any person or charity will donate thousands of pounds (although it would be appreciated); however, if enough people and charities donate smaller amounts of money then GBP 6,300 becomes realistic.  I have T-shirts printed ‘Please help Crowd fund my Masters’ and am using social media, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to widen the network of individuals who may be able to donate some money or share this appeal.


    Please share this website on your social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to help it reach the right people who might have the means to support it!

    The more people know about it, the more chances of raising the funds, so please, spread the word!


This is my offer letter from Edinburgh University.