Maths at Harvard

Help me fund my studies at Harvard University, Department of Mathematics

Maths at Harvard
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Completion Date: Sun 01 Sep 2019

A short summary of project

I'm raising £ 1500 to help fund my studies at Harvard University, my lifelong dream.  I will be able to focus on Applied Mathematics within life sciences and environment, and hopefully later be working on tackling the environmental crisis with the use of Maths.

MY story

Hello backers.

Ever dreamt about something for so long, that when it cam true you couldn't believe it? My life dream of being accepted to Harvard came true a week ago. With an awe it said " Congratulations, we are pleased to inform you, you have been accepted to Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Harvard" (and also, you will need to pay $ 24 004 in two months).

I currently do not have funds for this purpose, however I have two months to pay the tuition fee, and I hope you will be part of making this possible - every dollar counts, trust me. I believe the combination of world-class teaching, networking benefits and fantastic knowledge and experience is a stepping stone im my future career and personal development.

I will be able to specialise in Applied Mathematics in general or within life sciences or environment. That is so relevant in the current environmental crisis. Maths, numbers and logical problem-solving has always been my passion, and to be able to study it at Harvard is simply something I could have never imagined it would come true. You too will contribute to indirectly impact tackling the environmental responsibility, by allowing more professionals be specialised in this sphere.

Where will the money go?

The donations will go directly to pay the Tuition fee which is currently $ 24 004 per semester. You will all be part of a wonderful purpose and be proof, that even a girl from forgotten village in the eastern Slovakia can sit in the same chair as J.F. Kennedy or Bill Gates. Because everyone should have a chance for a great education and it should be the hard-work and passion to determine ones opportunities, not the money. I hope you can help me reach the target and I promise, that I will personally thank every backer, once the goal is completed. Let's be the change and advocate of hope ! 


If I make it to the first lecture at Harvard, I will share my experiences and additionally I will be able to purchase some Harvard Campus goodies, such as as pens/pencils or notebooks depending on the backed amount.