Masters for cyber security

Help me secure a place at University of Surrey

Masters for cyber security
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Completion Date: Fri 31 Aug 2018

A short summary of your project

Im raising money to fund my dream in pursuing a MSC degree in Cyber Security and become a cyber security analyst preferably in one of the famous banks such as JP morgans for Goldman Sachs.

Who are you?

Im a quiet, reserved girl who always enjoy taking on challenges given by others; especially women in IT industry is rare, that sounded challenging enough for me as i was in hunt for what my future held for me. I ended up having a passion for technology which led me to BTEC LEVEL 3 extended diploma in IT - passed with D*D*D* and got awarded as the student of the year from Exeter College. Did my Undergraduate degree in Computer systems engineering with business management (BEng) at University of Birmingham . Finally, i'm into the final process and that is to focus on one area of IT and thats cyber security and planning to pursue MSC from this september at university of Surrey.

Your story

IT is one of the emerging industries with less women to men ratio. So IT stood out for me when it came to finding my future job. I enjoy each and every single bit of this course as you never know what you would end up exploring next. Programming was where my heart and mind were from Day 1 at university of birmingham - started of at a simple "hello world" program all the way to complex mathematical calculations and even games such as snakes and ladders. I enjoy being part of this industry and being a change. I strongly believe if i were given a chance - i could learn more and find a job which i would equally benefit to aswell as the company i would end up working for.

Where will the money go?

  • Regardless of how much i would earn here - it would go straight to my living and tuition fess at university of surrey as pursing a master course in UK is proving to be extremely hard as less funds are being provided to PG student. The tuition fee itself is £9000 and then finding a room to live in for 12 months would be roughly £8000 and all i get giving by student finance England is £10000 just to pay my tuition fees and maybe push me through 2 months at university.


  • I was awarded as the student of the Year 2014 by Exeter college for outstanding work and results - ended up with D*D*D*

Help me succeed!

  • I would want to visit developing countries after securing a place at a grad-scheme and give back to the least fortunates. I won't take anything for the granted and would always want to give back something. My dream is to visit Malawi and India - and teach/motivate the kids to achieve basic education which deserve. To fight for what is lawfully and rightfully their's and to motivate them to never give up on the simplest dream they have. I want to be the living example for them.