Metrocart is an e-commerce platform which sells Indian groceries to the Indian people in UK.

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A short summary of our project

Metrocart is an e-commerce platform which sells Indian groceries to the Indian people in UK.

We focus on niche market. According to World-o-meter around 1.4 million people are present in UK. Metrocart will be acting as a middleman between Indian suppliers and Indian Customers virtually. We wanted to increase the purchasing level of the Indian people, by cutting down their overheads on spending. We are collaborating with Indian grocery distributors and wholesalers across the UK. Through Metrocart E-Commerce platform, these Indian Grocery sellers will be listing their products. Once the product has been listed, Metrocart will be advertising and collect the orders from the Indian people around the UK. These collected orders will be forwarded to the  relevant vendor. We work with one of the best logistics partner's in the UK, which helps us achieve within 3 days turnaround period.

Who are we?

Hi, Fazil Abbas and my colleague Deepak Ram pursuing our Post-Graduation at Kingston University, London. We had planned to develop an E-commerce platform which aims of selling traditional Indian groceries.

our story


Once we entered into UK for my studies, we found lot difficulties to find the Indian grocery stuffs for cooking. It took us around 2 months to find our exact grocery stuffs and it is very expensive as well.


The solution what we had thought is to build an online web ecommerce platform initially, thereby listing the authentic and traditional Indian groceries from the Indian suppliers in UK. 


 This helps more potential Indian groceries and food brands to enter into UK market easily, through our virtual platform.

 Also, Metrocart helps to create an enormous job opportunity for the country.

Where will the money go?

  • If we reach our minimum funding, we will start developing our website. 
  • If we reach our full target, we will start developing our website and also start our promotional activities.
  • We will keep the excess fund for our future updates.
  • We will updates on progress, for every two weeks.
  • Breakdown structure
  • E-commerce website development £ 1000.
  • Social media marketing  £ 250.
  • Search Engine Optimization £ 250.


  • If you support us with £ 10, we will reward you a wallet.
  • If you support us with £ 20, we will reward you a USB light.
  • If you support us with £ 40, we will reward you a thermo mug.
  • If you support us with £ 60, we will reward you a T-shirt.
  • If you support us with £ 80, we will reward you a Jacket.
  • If you support us with £ 100, we will reward you a bag.
  • If you support us with £ 150, we will reward you a echo dot.

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