Nottingham Malaysian Festival 2018

The annual cultural festival hosted by the Nottingham Malaysian Society!

Nottingham Malaysian Festival 2018
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Completion Date: Sun 29 Apr 2018

Citrawarna Malaysia: MFest 2018

MFest has been an ongoing triumph since 2012! The Nottingham Malaysian Society of the University of Nottingham aims to present the many wonders and traditions of Malaysia to British locals as well as to celebrate this with other Malaysians in the UK. We are motivated to be able to make this event a success as we are proud of our heritage, and would love to share this with others by hosting new and exciting exhibitions, handicrafts and performances aimed at immersing an annual audience of about 3000 in our melting-pot of cultures!  This includes showcasing traditional dances from Malaysia, fun sessions in games like Sepak Takraw, as well as providing an insight into Malaysia's various mouthwatering cuisines provided by top-notch vendors.

We aim to use the funds collected from this campaign on the following:

  • Publicity: Leaflets, Lanyards, Posters, Professional media representation.
  • Venue: Furniture, marquees, utilities (electricity, water).
  • Logistics: Transport costs for materials and manpower, security, PA hire, volunteers' welfare.
  • Exhibitions & Performances: Costumes, traditional handicrafts and games, booth decoration.

The event is expected to take place on April 25th and 28th in the University and Beeston Town Square. We hope that you will be able to help support our initiative to widen the scope of international acceptance and awareness in the UK, among the young and the old. We do not seek to make a profit in any way, but your support in raising the funds necessary is essential to kick-start this year's festivities as we endeavour to provide all the elements described above and much more! Your support will allow us to uphold the standard of MFest that has been gained over the past few years of its running. We will be grateful for any support you can provide, and promise to deliver the best MFest yet! If we raise an amount above our minimum, we aim to use the surplus to add in extra features through supplying more handicrafts for Malaysia or perhaps organising a cooking exhibitions on Malaysian cuisine so as to increase the scale of MFest by creating more booths for these on the day, and we may also improve upon our volunteers' welfare in terms of providing hoodies on the day to make them more noticeable to visitors.

Ultimately, your funds will allow us to cover the logistical costs of running MFest in Beeston (a large public area) as well as gather the necessary supplies that we need to create our various interactive booths and exhibitions, as well as provide the proper welfare for the generous volunteers that will be helping out on the day!


Whether or not you are able to help financially, sharing our challenge with friends and colleagues through social media or email is just as valuable to us and the success of this project . Please click the "Follow" button to receive notifications about the project as we post Updates or click the "Become a Helper" button and use the social media icons to spread the word about our project and track the amount of publicity you generate! And don't forget to follow us on social media!