Yoga Teacher Training

Please help fund my creation of a body positive youth education program!

Yoga Teacher Training
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This project received pledges on Sun 01 Mar 2015

I believe movement is life

My dream is to create a movement program that gives young people empowerment and personal awareness through physical expression. I want to master my yoga skills and be able to integrate yoga with my background in hula hoop and dance to create a unique physical education curriculum.

everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves

Although I received my Bachelor's degree in English education and creative writing, I took many various dance and movement classes during college including lots of modern, jazz and hip hop, as well as some tap, ballet,Tai chi and yoga. I continued to pursue movement through community classes in dance and yoga and became involved with The Columbus Hooping Collective to meet for hula hoop dance jams. I came to dance and creative movement as an adult, and I feel that my life as a child and particularly an adolescent could have been so much more enriched by an education centered on self expression and personal exploration. Sports are positive in that they can teach us to set and attain goals or to cooperate with others, but yoga allows us to experience our bodies not in relation to others'. By becoming more embodied and aware of our own physical selves, we begin to understand all of the intricacies of our bodies at work and appreciate our bodies for the complex and wonderful tools they are. Bringing these educational goals to children and adolescents would give them confidence and allow them to succeed in all areas of their lives, as well as improving their health and wellness.

why i would love your support

The yoga teacher training program I'm enrolled with The Yoga Training Center in Columbus will prepare me to be a yoga teacher both physically and emotionally, and it will connect me directly with yoga studios to begin teaching as part of my education. I want to devote as much of my time as possible to the program during my time in it, and if I can raise the money for my tuition it would allow me to spend more time practicing and teaching yoga and less time working extra hours to make up the difference!

My full target is the cost of tuition (calculated into pounds), and I set a minimum of zero because I can use any support possible. I will be participating in the program whether or not I reach my donation target. If I manage to raise more than the target, I will put the extra money into creating my own movement class, which would involve renting a space and purchasing supplies for the class (mats, hoops) and advertising. I will update my donors as I complete the yoga teacher training program and when I launch my own class.

I will be giving back

My ultimate goal is to share movement with anyone interested, so I will have incentives for donors, no matter how big or small you can afford to give!

follow me on facebook and see how I'm doing

If you believe in what I'm trying to accomplish, spread the word! Even if you can't afford to give money yourself, your endorsement will help me find more people who do, and it will help me connect with clients and facilities once I launch my own teaching program.