Rana Plaza Victim: MPH Tuition Fee for LSHTM/Imperial (ICL)

Tuition fee for Rana Plaza victim's brother at prestigious London School of Hygiene/Imperial College

Rana Plaza Victim: MPH Tuition Fee for LSHTM/Imperial (ICL)
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Hello, everyone!

As an indirect victim of 2013 Rana Plaza collapse" at Bangladesh, I'm hoping to began my MPH (Master of Public Health) degree at prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/ Imperial college London as I've received offer letter from both schools for the tragedies I've passed through. I realized public health when I was in complex emergencies of ‘Rana plaza collapse. The reality that, health wasn’t just acute care provided immediately after those events, but also systemic level issues caused by the lack of prevention and policies, really opened my eyes. Therefore, fusing my background with a growing interest in population health, I am eager to get an MPH.

Unfortunately, I've failed to manage any scholarship to go for public health studies in the developed countries like UK. So, a report in Guardian pushed me to follow this crowdfunding path to manage my tuition and if possible living expenses in UK for one year to cover my degree.

I would have been happy to obtain loans from banks or financial institutions to fund my studies at London but am not able to do as neither my family nor I have the requisite assets to furnish the collateral to obtain the loan.

Where will the money go?

  • All the money will be directly paid to LSHTM/ Imperial College London for my tuition.

Your story

  • By giving money, you will help to build an army of health workers, innovators and policy makers who will work for the disadvantaged and and victimized people through Graduate Institute.

Graduate Institute

  • I have come from such a root level of Bangladesh, where life stands stagnant as that of a new-born baby, where making both ends meet somehow means everything. To those distressed people in my neighbourhood, I am celebrated as a pioneer as an educated man. I want to uplift my image, through the betterment of the standard of their lives and refinement of their beliefs and conventions. I dream to install a system like a ‘Nuclear Chain Reaction’, where things would keep evolving and getting better even in my absence. Moreover, having utilized many social services growing up, I value the opportunity to give back to my community. So, for my future career, I see myself working to educate individuals. Later in my career I would like to transition from education to policy-focused work. Maybe I will not become a celebrity or a superstar but I want to champion my world because my mom didn’t give me the football to kick, nor a guitar to play but she gave me the books to read and I want to win this game. I want to set an example for my next generations. I am already working to establish first English Medium Graduate Institute (GI) in Bangladesh as none of the university here are fully taught in English. An ongoing discussion with Ford foundation to establish ‘GI Support Foundation’ has shed some light to my dream as well. Our approach is exclusive because a ‘Dhaka based classroom’ will be connected with Professors/TA/RA in abroad through web-conferencing unlike traditional pre-recorded/webcasted anyplace students approach (lacks the benefits of century old classroom style) and 5 different Master degrees under 3 schools will be offered- School of Politics (MPP, MPA, MIA); School of Business (MBA) & School of Health (MPH). Thus, scholars will be the future backbone of GI and the institute will serve as Bengali node/transit point to go to world’s top universities/international agencies/national politics. This is how you will be indirectly contributing to the development and universal health for all. This is your reward.

Find me here

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rezwan_Haque

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rezwan-haque-b855463b/

If you are not able to contribute my campaign here:

If you cannot pay for online payment issues, please drop a line at [email protected]

or message me and I will let you know how you can contribute to this campaign directly. Please connect with me and provide feedbacks, suggestions and spread the word so that we are able to reach out the maximum people possible.

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