Help me join MUN Rome 2016

Help me join MUN Rome 2016, one of the biggest United Nations Model simulation of the world!

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Completion Date: Wed 30 Dec 2015

A short summary of my project:

I'm raising $400  in order to be able to join MUN Rome 2016, one of the biggest United Nations Model simulation of the world. This event will help me very much in my university career and will increase very much my chance to become one day an official delegate of UN, which is pretty much my dream.

a little about me:

I'm Andrea, a 20 years old Italian student. At the moment I'm studying Political Sciences and International Relations at University of Milan, in Italy, that's why I'm very interested in MUN Rome 2016.

My story:

As I said, I'm studying International Relations at university because I've always been interested in politics and its functions, development and purposes, especially in the field of International Development and Cooperation. MUN Rome is a very important event where students from all the world can meet each others and focus on working together on global themes, such as globalization or young students' future challenges. That's why it is very important for me to attend this event: it will give very advanced skills in the analysis of international events and processes, which i will use for my studies at university, and it will help me become, one day, an official member of UN by boosting my skills and qualities in many field, most of all Development and Cooperation. I'm asking for you help because i don't have enough money to join my colleagues at MUN, my father lost his job 2 months ago and I and my family had to move to my aunt's house, because we couldn't afford the rent any more. So I'm asking you to give me a hand in rising the money i need, also because my job isn't paying enough.

Where will the money go?

The money I need will be spent:

- MUN participation fee : $250

- Accommodation for 3 days in Rome: 100 $

- Food and other needs: $50


At the end of the event, I will quote publicly everyone who has helped me in my project.

Help me succeed!

I know I'm asking very much for myself with this project, but if you believe that any chance in our life can change our future, help me this chance become a solid aim to be pursued. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND Patience! have a good day!