Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society present "Made in Dagenham"

Fundraising for our end of year production!

Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society present "Made in Dagenham"
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2 years, 10 months ago


As the show approaches, the finishing touches are being made to BSMTS' "Made in Dagenham." We have now blocked all of the dances, singing and the scenes and are beginning to go through the production and fine tune. Our rehearsals are longer and we are working extra hard to ensure this production is the best it can be.

With the direction of our costume team, our cast have also been fitted with costume which is going to help create the 1960's aesthetic of MID. And with just a month until "show week" we are almost ready for our curtain call!!

Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society (29.04.2018)

2 years, 11 months ago

31 days left on our fundraising page!

Thank you for the ongoing donations, we cannot wait to see the difference it makes to our production and we really appreciate it!

We have now broken up for Easter and the cast are spending some of their holiday revising lines and perfecting harmonies before we go back to Uni.

We did a full run through of "Made in Dagenham" before the holidays which went really well. It was amazing to see how much we have done and to see how the scenes run into the musical numbers. We only have two numbers left to block and so we are on our way to having the show blocked, so that from there we can continue doing runs of the show.

We are so excited to show our production to everyone!!

Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society (31.03.2018)

2 years, 12 months ago


Thank you to everyone who has donated to our fundraising page so far!

We are all pleased at how we are doing so far and appreciate every single donation!! :)

At the beginning of one of our Wednesday rehearsals

With Easter approaching, we are working towards completing the second act of "Made in Dagenham". There are lots of big group numbers in the second act, so we have had plenty of rehearsals singing and perfecting harmonies. Our Musical Director, Kate has got us into our different singing ranges and together we have worked through numbers such as "This is America" and  "Cortina". We had a Sunday rehearsal which focused on the harmonies for "Storm Clouds" which was particularly challenging, but once we had all got it, it sounded amazing! Our director Jess has also been looking at the scenes in the second half, this has helped all of the cast get to grips with their role.

We definitely have a show coming together!!

Working through the singing in a group number// The cast at the beginning of September

Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society (05.03.2018)