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We are a new student society created to engage and educate young people on British politics

MWEXE start up fund
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This project received pledges on Tue 15 Oct 2019

Our Story

Our society is the Exeter Branch of the nation-wide organisation Model Westminster. Currently, politics is not a compulsory aspect of UK education which means many young people either do not vote, or simply just don’t understand parts of the UK political system. We want to change this. Therefore, Model Westminster seeks to engage and educate more young people through a range of academic events, alongside our popular ‘Drinks & Debates' socials, to get them discussing, learning and engaging more in Westminster politics. We are a group of students studying at the University of Exeter, from a variety of degrees and political affiliations. Our aim is to engage all students regardless of degree, and help them to understand more about current affairs and our political system based in Westminster.

We are looking to raise £200 in order to start up our society, creating a presence on campus. We have set the date just before our launch event, which we are planning to do in mid October.

Where will the money go?

Our first task of the year is to pull off Freshers Week and increase our membership base. In order to do this we must have tools to encourage freshers and returning students to join. We are looking to purchase materials such as a roller banner, tools to make a website and promotional items, alongside stash to create a presence on campus. For recruiting events, we have planned a social and academic event during freshers week to show that our society is as much about fun and meeting all kinds of new people as it is academic.

If we are able to hit our funding target we would be able to begin working towards our future goals of engaging in outreach work with local youth groups and schools, in order to maximise political engagement in the local area.

As a donor, your impact would be substantial. Our society has grown from political discussion among friends to an environment of learning and productive debate. With your help Model Westminster Exeter could grow to be an influential society on campus. Moreover we could increase political engagement of the students at the university and in the local area.

Find us here

You can find out more about our society on our Facebook page:

Help us succeed!

We hope to have a successful year as a new society and create a legacy which will allow us to continue educating and encouraging young people to engage in politics for years to come. Please spread the word and consider helping our project!