Mystery Sports Social Club

A fun way to meet new people and try new sports!

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Completion Date: Thu 31 Aug 2017

A short summary of your project

Mystery Sports Social Club (SMMC) is a service offering exercise classes in which a different sport is played every time. The sport is however not known by the people attending the class until they arrive hence the “mystery” part of the name. We are initially starting out only in Aberdeen as we believe it is better to start out small and expand upon success. The classes will be taken by local coaches and professionals who we will employ for the class. Initially we will have 4 classes per week, 2 during weekdays and 2 at the weekend. The weekday classes will be aimed towards retirees and so will be less physically intense. The two at the weekend will be aimed at slightly younger people who are working during the week and so may be more physically intense. To make sure that people don’t come to a class they are not physically suitable for, customers will have to fill out a short questionnaire to determine what classes it is recommended they attend.

We aim to make the classes a highly sociable environment where new people can meet in a relaxed environment and try new things. Due to the sociable aspect that we want to emphasize we are marketing the service towards people who want to meet new people such as people who have just moved to a new city or retirees who are becoming socially isolated. As well as the social benefits the service offers it also acts as a fun way to stay healthy so we are expecting this to be of interest to active people who may find standard fitness classes a bit boring. The random sport aspect is something we also anticipate to be attractive as it will allow sport enthusiasts the chance to try new sports they wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. Because we have a representative from the sport taking the class if someone really enjoys that certain sport they can speak to them and find out about pursuing the sport further. Ultimately we aim to make our service for adventurous people where they can meet new people and try new things all whilst exercising and keeping fit. We see the true value in the sociable nature of this product as we believe one of the best ways to make new friends is through sport.

Where will the money go?

  • We will need £3572.2 is the cost per month we will need for facility hire.
  • We will need £91 per month for marketing.
  • We will need a one off payment of £748.98 to cover insurance.
  • We will need £400 to cover salary expenses.
  • We will need £1800 for website development and then a further £30 per month after for maintenance.
  • We will need £300 initially and then a further £50 every month to cover low consumption goods.
  • We will need £200 per month to build up a risk fund.


  • £0 - Thank you Email
  • £10 - Email +Badge + 1 Free Class
  • £25 - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt +2 Free Classes
  • £50  - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle +3 Free Classes
  • £100 - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle + 5 Free Classes
  • £300 - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle + 15 Free Classes
  • £500 - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle + 25 Free Classes
  • £800 - Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle + Free Classes for 6 moths
  • £1000- Email +Badge + Logo T-shirt + Sport Bottle + Free Classes For Life


1.       Where will this service be available?

At the beginning we will only be operating in Aberdeen as if we were to open in multiple locations we would require a lot more funding. We feel it is better to start of small and then expand if successful.

2.       I’m interested in the idea but I have bad knees and struggle to run, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Before you book a class you have to answer a few questions so that we can ensure you join a class suitable for your needs. If you struggle to run then there will be classes that focus with less physically intense activities.

3.       How will I know if I’ll like the sport or not?

To be honest, you won’t. We hope that people who choose to take part come to us with an open mind. You might find yourself playing a sport you don’t really like but you may also have an amazing time playing a sport you never even heard of. This uncertainty is all part of the experience!

4.       How much will it cost?

We charge £10 per class but offer discount for bulk bookings.