Nathan Batchelor: Student Missions at Southern

Help me to grow as a person as I go teach students in the Marshall Islands Computer Applications

Nathan Batchelor: Student Missions at Southern
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I believe God is calling me to serve in Majuro in the Marshall Islands to be a teacher and missionary for a year. I'm hopeful that whoever is reading this will be willing to contribute to help me achieve that goal and that I may be a positive influence to the people there and come home a changed man for the better.

Each year Southern Adventist University sends out more than 60 full-time student missionaries. I have agreed to raise $3,400 for Southern's Student Missions program. The funds raised will collectively help cover our airfare, visas, insurance training, and care packages. I am excited to serve as a student missionary! Will you help me reach my goal? Whatever you are able to give is greatly appreciate by the 2018-19 student missionaries, the people we will serve, and also myself.

My story

The reason I want to serve is because I want to have the same experience every student missionary tells when they go abroad; how their lives have been changed and that even though they aren't perfect, they are better as a result. I also want to do something for God.

If you are willing, I would really appreciate a donation of any amount. The total I am trying to collect is $3400, so if you feel like giving anything or even your prayers, that will be appreciated.

My promise to you is that I will do my best to serve God, my students, faculty, and friends the best I can when away.  I'll try to take a lot of pictures and post them on my wall in facebook, so if you would like to follow me during my trip, here's my account:

Whatever you decide to do, God bless you in all of your endeavors.

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