Graduate Study at Parsons School of Design

Help me fund the remaining part of my tuition and enable me to study at Parsons, NYC.

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Completion Date: Sun 01 Jul 2018

So my students are trying to get rid of me... They say i'm not good enough anymore... i am trying to return to study so that I can be top of the class once again!

Okay so that's not quite true. I have decided to go back to further my study in a Computer Science related field because the subject has advanced so much since I began teaching. My students are amazing and I want to continue to challenge them to achieve the best of their ability. In fact, I am proud to say that I am exploring this venture with the full support of my students and my school.

Who am I and what do i want?

My name is Neil Oliver. I am a teacher of Computer Science based in Bath, UK. I am raising £22,000 (~$30,000) towards tuition to enable me to study a Master in Data Visualization at Parsons School of Design in New York. Check out more details about Parsons and the course here .

My story

11 Years ago, I started teaching at Ralph Allen School in Bath as an ICT Teacher. At that point, the most advanced coursework piece completed was an advanced multimedia presentation created in PowerPoint. As the years progressed the focus changed to Computer Science and coding. Through personal study I have taught myself to code in several languages and kept my subject knowledge up to date. I have successfully helped students achieve places to study Computer Science at Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

The subject has changed dramatically and I have tried my best to keep up to date. I have been confident in my abilities until last year my student handed me a coursework on machine learning using artificial neural networks. For those of us who haven’t completed a recent computer science degree (as this is currently covered in the third year of the Oxford CS Degree), my student created a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence.

It was at this point I realised that part time self-study was no longer going to keep me up to date enough to continue to give my students the best possible education.

I knew that I would not be able afford to return to postgraduate study, so I researched scholarships that could help me. I applied to study at Parsons through the Fulbright International Student Exchange Scholarship Programme. This would not only cover the costs, but allow me the additional benefit of studying at one of the top universities in the world, in a city where I would be surrounded by the most up to date technology based companies. While I was unsuccessful with the Fulbright application, Parsons not only awarded me a place on the course, but offered me their own scholarship based on the strength of my application. At that point, I emptied my bank account in the quest to make the incredible opportunity a really.

Your donation can will enable me to take up this opportunity to return to studying, gain up-to-date experience from the best in the industry, in the hope to return to teaching Computer Science with the advanced knowledge needed to keep challenging my students to achieve their full potential.

If you would like to read more about the exact motivation behind my original Fulbright application, and what i hope to study on the course, you can read my personal statement and research proposal here .

TL;DR My students are REALLY smart, I need to go back and study but I don’t have enough money so I need your help!

how much does it cost?

Postgraduate study is expensive. Here is the university breakdown of the costs involved:

Cost of Tuition

  • Total cost of Tuition $49,840

Additional Costs

  • SEVIS visa fee $160
  • Rent $15,150
  • Food $3,000
  • Public Transport $460
  • Personal Expenses $1,550
  • Books and supplies $2,050
  • Health Insurance $3,590
  • College fees $396

Total: $76,196

What am i contributing?

So far I have secured the following funds:

  • Provost Scholarship (from Parsons): $24,920
  • Personal Savings & Selling everything of value that I own: ~$19,500
  • Research Assistantships can be available during study, although these are not guaranteed: $5000

Total remaining: $26,776 - $31,776


Down the side of this page you can see some rewards for contributing. I know they are silly little things, and I know they don't compensate you for your generosity. They are meant as a small thank you for supporting me. You don't need to pick an exact amount from one of the awards; a donation of any amount is incredible.

If you see a reward you would like but you cant afford to contribute that amount, don't worry, just contact me and I am sure that I can make it happen.

Thought of a reward that isn't listed? If its reasonably within my power to make it happen i will. email me at and make a request!


Not all of the money is needed right away, but I can't accept the place on the course without knowing i can afford to sustain my study. I have a deadline of April 30th to demonstrate to the university that I am going to be able to raise the funds needed and pay a $500 deposit to enrol on the course. If you plan on contributing, please don't delay!

Find me here

Below is links to my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Because of my profession, most of them are set to private, but drop me a request to be able to follow along with the progress of this fundraiser. Facebook posts related to my study and fundraising will be made public.

You can help in other ways!

You don't need to give money to help me succeed.

Please share this project with anyone you think could support me – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

In fact, share it with everyone you know. I can't stress enough that the more people who know about it, the more likely it is that i will raise the funds needed.


Maybe you have a skill or something that I could offer as a reward? If so please drop me a message. Any support you can give is amazing.