Nether Alderley Primary School: Lego WeDo 2.0 Kits

Bringing design, building and programming to life!

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This project received pledges on Wed 13 Dec 2017


Number of students that will benefit: 109 pupils - all of the pupils in the school.

Age of students: 4 - 11 years old

Eligible for Free School Meals: 1.9%


Nether Alderley Primary School is a small rural school in Cheshire with 109 pupils on roll. Pupils are taught in four mixed-aged classes. We prioritise developing the 'whole child' and creating a safe and happy learning environment for our pupils.

We believe that technology can bring learning to life for our pupils and add enjoyment to their experiences at school. We also recognise that developing pupils' use of technology in a safe and secure manner will enable them to prosper in the future.  We hope that this project is successful in order to continue to provide exciting learning opportunities for all of our pupils.

What do we want?

Class set of Lego WeDo 2.0 kits (ideally 15 sets in total - initial target is for 10 sets)

Who is this for?

This project is primarily designed to benefit all of our pupils within our school, with a scope for wider community involvement.

These kits will provide pupils the opportunity to design, build and code their own products using Lego. This will enable the pupils to meet the demands of the Design Technology / Computing curriculum. In addition, we will look to host curriculum Lego clubs for all of our pupils to attend and also run an after-school Lego club where pupils are given the opportunities to work with other pupils from different classes on a range of different projects. Finally, we have invested a great deal of time and money in developing ICT at Nether Alderley in recent years; this kit would enable us to host workshops for pupils from schools within our Trust and community to develop their coding, design and construction skills. There is also the potential to invite community groups - such as Cubs / Brownies - to make use of our facilities and equipment.

Why do we want it?

The Lego WeDo kits will bring coding to life beyond the computer screen and thus enable pupils to recognise how computing works in the 'real world'. Through this kit, pupils will be able to meet the demands of the Design Technology curriculum which is problematic at the moment due to the lack of suitable equipment.

We have put together an initial budget to purchase 10 LegoWeDo kits. This will enable 20 pupils to work on a project at the same time. If we can raise additional funds we would ideally like to purchase a complete class set of 15 sets of Lego WeDo which will enable a full class to work on projects simultaneously and thus benefit from peer-to-peer assessment whilst designing, constructing and coding their projects.


10 x Lego WeDo 2.0 kits (for 20 students)

Subtotal: £1,424.38

Credit card fees @ 2%: £28.49

Grand total: 10 kits @ £1,452.87

Stretch target: our ultimate goal is to provide a complete class set of Lego WeDo 2.0 kits. This would cost a total of £2130 for 30 students.


Please donate what you can to help bring learning to life ! Also please take a moment to share our story - it only takes a second! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates @nether_alderley

Thank you for your time,

The pupils of Nether Alderley Primary School